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    Make 33 Pretty Things With (Cruelty-Free) Feathers

    We’re all sick of birds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate our feathered friends into our daily lives. Celebrate the start of spring with some cute, feathery projects.

    On Finding the Right Feathers

    Those silly craft stores sometimes only have the brightly colored, costumey feathers that you used to glue to construction paper. But as you probably know, the internet blesses those of us in need of obscure craft supplies, like cruelty-free feathers or eagle imitation feathers.

    Have a sad feather that looks like this?

    Now Onto the Crafty Bits

    1. Dip your feathers in gold and glitter.

    2. Clip your feathers onto your shoes, hair, scarves, or whatever.

    3. Hang your feathers on your wall in a fancy garland.

    4. Pretend like you're a hipster and wear your feathers in your hair.

    5. Tie your feathers to some grapevines and hang them on your door.

    6. Make matching feathered pens for you and your pen pal.

    7. Tie some feathers to twigs for perky seasonal decoration.

    8. Hot glue some small feathers onto a felt hat to shade your eyes from the sun.

    9. Get a little more involved with your feathers and glue them on a skirt.

    10. Learn how to make jewelry like a real jewelry designer, and put feathers on a necklace.

    11. Create an entrancing feather mobile with the help of some found twigs.

    12. Use gel pens to make color coordinated writing utensils.

    13. Dye your feathers trendy ombre colors.

    14. Come up with an excuse to wear a corsage or boutonniere IRL.

    15. Glue your feathers into a cascading headband or hairclip.

    16. Hang your (paper) feathers as a window treatment.

    17. Make (leather) feathers into a necklace.

    18. Use shiny paint to make your feathers magpie-worthy.

    19. Because washi tape is the best craft supply out there, make some feather art with it.

    20. Hang a feathered chandelier over your next at-home brunch.

    21. Let feathers dangle from your ears all day.

    22. Reflect all the pretty light with a (brass) feathered headband.

    23. Catch all your bad dreams in a doily dreamcatcher.

    24. Stash your iPhone in a feathered clutch.

    25. Celebrate any special occasion in feathered heels.

    26. Skip the bling and put feathers on your nails.

    27. Accessorize your keys with a feather patch.

    28. Find a candelabra for your feathered candles.

    29. Fluff out your wedding bouquet with feathers.

    30. Make a knockoff designer feathered blazer.

    31. Go for feather minimalism with a feather barrette.

    32. Carry the minimalism over into a feather garland.

    33. Illuminate your windowsill with feather lanterns.