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23 Projects For You And Hot Glue

Hot glue: the crafty warrior’s secret weapon. All it takes is a squirt and a few seconds drying time, and you have an instantly awesome project.

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Hot Glue Tips

-Don’t touch the metal part. This is a duh. But important.

-When you’re project’s finished, get rid of those pesky glue strings by blow-drying your project with your hair dryer (use a low-heat setting). Just don’t heat it too long, or you’ll weaken your craft.

-When gluing thin pieces of fabric together, don’t press with your fingers -- you might burn yourself.

-When you put your hot glue gun down, it will drip bits of glue. So don’t set it over something important. Try setting it on scrap poster board or foam board, or an old placemat.

-Keep a bowl of cool water nearby, just in case you do burn yourself.

And finally...

-Hot glue is great for decorative and jewelry projects, but it isn’t the most durable or adhesive glue out there. If it gets too hot, it will weaken again. You can find extra-strength hot glue at some craft stores, but hot glue isn't the answer to all of your adhesive prayers (looking to stick some glass to some metal? How about some plastic to some wood? Try E-6000 instead).

-This means you shouldn't use hot glue to fix the bottom of your shoe, a broken coffee mug handle, or that little rhinestone that fell off of you kitty's collar.

1. Curled Recycled Book Pages Rose Wreath / Via

Go to your local used bookstore and find a book or two that obviously no one will really want to read again. Make sure they have matching paper, or that you intentionally mix paper types in your project. This project may take a weekend to finish, though.

5. Wine Cork Letters / Via

You'll either have to drink a bunch of wine or beg your friends to give you their corks (we prefer the former). You can do this with any wooden shape you find. Hang it in your kitchen, above your bar, or on your front door.

7. Wood Shim Crates / Via

Since they're made with cardboard boxes, you probably don't want to keep them outside (or you could find pine boxes to cover). Also, don't bother cutting individual wood shims, just buy some. They're cheap. Directions here.

10. Button Bobby Pins / Via

They don't come with instructions, but it's pretty obvious: just hot glue some buttons onto the end of some bobby pins. Slip some paper into the pins to hold them steady while you glue, and to make sure you don't glue them together. Originally here.

17. Driftwood Orb / Via

Pretend your tiny apartment is actually a beach house. We're not sure where you'd find all the driftwood in the city...maybe you'd have to wait for your vacation. Whatever. Worth it, because this craft's so pretty and so easy. Directions here.