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    23 Projects For You And Hot Glue

    Hot glue: the crafty warrior’s secret weapon. All it takes is a squirt and a few seconds drying time, and you have an instantly awesome project.

    Hot Glue Tips

    1. Curled Recycled Book Pages Rose Wreath

    2. Felt Flowers

    3. Sweater Cuff Bangle

    4. Confetti Hearts

    5. Wine Cork Letters

    6. Fabric-Covered Mail Organizer

    7. Wood Shim Crates

    8. Bow Tie Toothpicks

    9. Chrysanthemum Mirror

    10. Button Bobby Pins

    11. Graphic Studded Cork Board

    12. Bottle Cap Magnets

    13. Doily Bib Necklace

    14. Melted Crayon Art

    15. Felt Flower Pillow

    16. Scrap Felt Mat

    17. Driftwood Orb

    18. Chevron Cold-Dye Tie-Dye

    19. More Felt Flowers

    20. Sisal Coasters

    21. Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Roll Art

    22. Fabric Flower Necklace

    23. Heartfelt Straws