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    14 Projects That Will Inspire You To Get Outside

    It's March, and that means you have less than 20 days until the first day of spring. You might not be able to plant anything yet, but you can still plan...and dream.

    A Few Notes on Gardening

    Because growing seasons vary depending on which part of the country (or which country) you live, have a chat with your local garden store to figure out what the best plants are for your climate. It's still a little cold up here in New York to plant much, but down in Texas you can probably start going all out in your garden, whether you use potted plants or have a big plot of land.

    1. Before you plant anything, cover your pots with moss.

    2. Paint some naughty garden gnomes while you wait for the weather to warm up.

    3. Head to an antique store and find some teacups to use for mini planters.

    4. Speaking of fairies, make them their own little stacked garden.

    5. Hang up some window garden boxes and plant veggies.

    6. Get off of Twitter and feed the birds.

    7. Forget the plants and customize a table with leaves.

    8. Plant a portable box garden...

    9. ...and make reusable plant markers to go with it.

    10. Build moveable, colorful, upcycled planters.

    11. Drink lots of beer. Then stick green stuff in the empties.

    12. Another one for those of us without green thumbs: a succulent garden.

    13. Pull out the drill and hang up some gutters.

    14. Build a fire pit so you can make s'mores all spring and summer.