15 Regency Era-Inspired Décor Items That'll Make You Feel Like You're In "Bridgerton"

    Live like the royalty you are.

    1. These velvet King Louis dining chairs are a vintage staple with a modern twist. The muted pink color paired with the gold accent is perfect for any aspiring Featherington! Small and stylish, these chairs will easily elevate any space without having to dip into your daughters' dowries.

    Two rose pink velvet chairs with rounded backs, scalloped seams, and gold legs

    2. This brushed metal and glass pedestal coffee table that's a bit of an investment, but will make a big impact. Elegant and sophisticated, this table combines antique gold and sculpted glass to create a unique visual centerpiece that seamlessly pairs with Bon Ton luxury.

    A pedestal coffee table with a brushed gold and glass top and a sculpted translucent base made of green glass

    3. These brass candlesticks are as timeless as they are beautiful. Candlesticks are an extremely versatile way to add effortless sophistication to a home. Styled alone or in graceful bunches, they’re perfect for setting a vintage mood.

    Brushed brass tapered candlesticks of varying height on a dressed table with marble and gold dish-ware

    4. A French country-inspired loveseat will undoubtably bring a touch of classic elegance to your living room. Deep button tufting and nail-head accents make this settee perfect for any 19th-century social parlor.

    A light grey loveseat with tufted detailing and carved mahogany legs

    5. This queen bee-shaped curtain tieback is a chic nod to the whimsical garden themes featured in Bridgerton. More contemporary than the traditional tasseled option, a sculpted tieback shows that no detail was spared in styling your home.

    A pewter hook carved in the shape of a bee holding back a cotton curtain

    6. A lavish pair of filigree wall sconces will take the drabbest space and instantaneously transform it into a room worthy of any visiting viscount. Statement lighting is one of the easiest ways to set a décor theme and these sconces scream vintage glamor.

    Two antique-gold ornate mirrored wall sconces holding glass tulip-shaped votives

    7. Some statement wallpaper is key to achieving the perfect Regency aesthetic. If you find yourself drawn to the hand-painted frescos covering the ceilings in the Hastings country estate or are simply moved by Renaissance artwork, a wallpaper mural might be just what you’re looking for! Definitely reserved for those with extravagant taste, this floor-to-ceiling artwork makes for a showstopper of an accent wall.

    A green tufted couch and books sit in front of a Renaissance fresco wall mural

    8. Of course, foiled wallpaper is a lovely alternative if you’re not so keen on turning your living room into an art gallery. A modern upgrade on the period-favorite damask wall treatments, a subtle shimmery wallpaper adds visual interest without being too busy.

    A white couch, gold wire table, and white books sit in front of shimmery metallic wallpaper.

    9. No Regency era home is complete without a gilded mirror. Opulence at its finest, ornate mirrors are functional art pieces that command attention in whatever space they’re in. They’ve become synonymous with luxury for a reason. Iconic!

    A carved white vase sits in front of an ornate gold mirror

    10. Add a bed crown to redefine traditional four-poster canopies! If you’ve never seen one of these outside of the luxe bedchambers in Bridgerton but found them utterly enchanting, here’s where to find one. This regal canopy paired with a flowy chiffon curtain or supple velvet drapes will have you sleeping like royalty in no time.

    An elegant Regency style bedroom features a gold filigree bed crown with pale shimmery damask drapes cascading over a matching bed

    11. A French bed will take a regular house and transform it into a palace. Hand-carved mahogany and plush deep-buttoned upholstery make this a bed fit for Queen Charlotte herself.

    A room with a gold chandelier, a classic painting, and a gold wire side table features a large white tufted bed with ornately carved legs and frame made of gold-brushed mahogany

    12. A decorative tea set perfectly captures the demure social setting of the Regency period. This delicate glass and porcelain set will keep you toasty whether you’re hosting your own garden party or cozying up to re-binge the first season of Bridgerton.

    A table features a marbled pink tea set with a glass teapot sitting on a matching warmer with a lit tea light candle underneath

    13. Try an urn planter over the typical terracotta flowerpot. If you’ve seen Bridgerton then you know how much the Bon Ton love their decorative vases. Whether stone, metal, or porcelain, an urn planter shows that you value both style and functionality.

    A plant-filled garden space features a stone urn with a fern planted inside it

    14. Another era staple, chandeliers are the very definition of extravagance. Featuring antiqued gold and dripping in crystals, this fixture is the perfect investment for anyone who longs to indulge in the finer things in life.

    An empire-style gold and crystal chandelier hangs over a round glass table in a chic dining room

    15. And finally, altered vintage portraits are a fun way to incorporate classic artwork into a contemporary home. They make for a great addition to any eclectic gallery wall and marry the worlds of the Regency era and our 21st Century reality – much like Bridgerton.

    An altered picture of a European aristocrat features a streak of white paint across her lower face