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The Turtle Dictionary

Dictionaries would be so much better if they used turtles to explain definitions, right? I went ahead and got started on that. You're welcome, Merriam Webster.

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  • Amorous

    amorous [am-er-uhs] - adjective. Inclined or disposed to love, esp. sexual love. We could tell the tortoises were amorous lovers by the sounds of their love making.

  • Bicephalous

    bicephalous [bahy-sef-uh-luhs] - adjective. Having two heads. When two heads poked out of the shell, we realized our Red Eared Slider hatchling was bicephalous. [image source]

  • Diametrically

    diametrically [dahy-uh-me-tri-kuhlee] - adverb. 1. Of, pertaining to, or along a diameter. 2. In direct opposition; being at opposite extremes; complete. After their argument, not only were the two turtles diametrically opposed on the issue they fought over, but they were diametrically positioned on the log they shared. [image source]

  • Diminutive

    diminutive [dih-min-yuh-tiv] - adjective. Extremely small in size; tiny. The diminutive turtle could be balanced upon my thumb.[image source]

  • Futility

    futility [fyoo-til-i-tee] - noun. The quality of being futile; ineffectiveness; uselessness. The turtle realized the futility of escaping the bucket after a handful of unsuccessful attempts to climb out.

  • Juxtaposition

    juxtaposition [juhk-stuh-puh-zish-uhn] - noun. An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast. The photographer thought the juxtaposition of the turtle and the girl was artistic, but we thought it mildly ridiculous. [image source]

  • Maw

    maw [maw] - noun. The mouth, throat, or gullet of an animal, esp. a carnivorous mammal. The turtle's gaping maw terrified us until we were informed he was just yawning. [image source]

  • Precariously

    precariously [pri-kair-ee-uhs-lee] - adverb. Dangerously lacking in security or stability. The turtles were precariously stacked upon the rock. [image source]

  • Pulchritudinous

    pulchritudinous [puhl-kri-tood-n-uhs] - adjective. Physically beautiful; comely. All turtles are pulchritudinous. [image source]

  • Simulacrum

    simulacrum [sim-yuh-ley-kruhm] - noun. An effigy, image, or representation. The rock was a simulacrum of a Box Turtle. [image source]

  • Anyone else want to give it a shot? Go for it!

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