Tron Burgandy
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  • The Definition Mullet - Embarrased Kids Included

    Well Folks, It don’t get no more textbook than this. Frizzy 10% in the front, Straight to Long & Scurly 90% in the back. Razored off sideburns , Manicured Mustache & Mechanic Logo vented fishing shirt. White Tee underneath. Completely Bummed out Kids Included. Ticket to muscle car show sold separately.

  • The Most Racist T-Shirt Ever… WTF?!

    Holy Shite!!! Have you ever seen a more racist T-Shirt in your life? And if it wasn’t a ridiculous enough graphic to begin with, they printed it on a Neon Green Tee. That thing looks fresh out the package. I think this guy knew that this might be the only place besides a Klan rally that he could wear this and not get beat down. I mean, talk about balls… Gawd. Props to @pointshootenjoy for capturing this spectacle of Outrageous Apparel. And If you haven’t guessed, It was Taken at the MONSTER TRUCK rally here in Jax last year, I just been holding on to it for a while. Let the Comments Fly!!!

  • SAVE EARL - Sign the Twitition

    Help Save the sitcom “My Name Is Earl” by signing the tweetition @earltwitition and add #saveearl to all your tweets. after being canceled from NBC, show creator Greg Garcia is hoping enough tweets will save his show.

  • Duval 4 Obama - Redneck Icon Set

    DUVAL 4 OBAMA icons for Obama’s visit to Jacksonville on Nov. 3rd. to show even rednecks, southerners, white trash, truckers, bikers, hunters, fixed gear kids, and monster truck enthusiasts and good ole boys in general can show support for Barack.

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