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    32 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A cool skull necklace, chunky cardigan, pretty elephant ring, and 29 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A dark AF skull necklace to bring some moody chicness to your accessories drawer.

    2. A long cardigan so you can stunt on all the fashion competition.

    3. A pretty click-and-shake tumbler which features double-walled construction so your favorite beverages will stay cold longer.

    4. A gorgeous sterling-silver elephant ring to fill your day with all the good vibes.

    5. A pair of thigh-high boots so you'll be on slay mode all season long.

    6. A set of sharp, carbon-steel peelers for easy peeling of fruits and vegetables.

    7. A bottle of Etude House freshener which will aid in balancing your skin's pH levels while adding extra moisture.

    8. A pack of high-rise panties made from breathable cotton to keep you feeling comfy all day long.

    9. A tube of L'Oréal Paris liquid eyeliner that’ll give your favorite cat-eye look more than nine lives.

    10. A cut-out shoulder dress with a flirty hemline and trumpet sleeves you can rock to an endless number of functions.

    11. A precious cat keychain to make your keyring just a little cuter.

    12. A set of twinkling curtain LED string lights so your room can be oh-so magical.

    13. A stainless-steel fish spatula, which includes a cutting end you’ll be able to use like a knife while grilling.

    14. A pair of bright ballet flats sure to keep your feet comfy and fly.

    15. A pack of velvet hair scrunchies that’ll give your hairstyles a fun throwback feel without snagging your locks.

    16. A refillable leather travel journal for tracking all your memories, no matter where your life journey takes you.

    17. A vibrant pack of reusable, squishy water beads you can use for stress relief, sensory exercises, or just some random fun.

    18. A darling ruffle-hem dress to bring a chic touch to any closet.

    19. An 11-pack of adorable hand toys you'll want to squeeze forever.

    20. A pack of Larabar Minis for a tasty snack without all the junk in it.

    21. A pack of Woolzies that'll assist in cutting the lint and static out of your laundry loads.

    22. A collar dress so you can tap into your inner Wednesday Addams in the fiercest way.

    23. A set of reusable produce bags to go plastic-free at the grocery store and wash your tasty buys with ease.

    24. A cleaning tray for the perfect place to sanitize and clean retainers, pacifiers, teething rings, and dentures.

    25. An Experience Passport as a challenge with 45 new ways to uncover the wonder around you.

    26. A kimono-style cardigan will be a fab coverup your bestie will definitely want to borrow — probably forever.

    27. A plush sushi dog toy so your favorite pooch can kind of get to experience the greatness of the yummy dish.

    28. A pack of Retainer Brite tablets will remove plaque and tarter from your dental appliances while keeping them looking clean and fresh.

    29. A sizzling platter for easily broiling dishes like steaks in your oven.

    30. A shower foot massager to give your dogs some much-needed love.

    31. A jar of Vaseline lip balm can lock in moisture while kissing your pout with a light, rosy fragrance.

    32. A chunky cardigan so you'll stay fabulously warm on even the coolest days.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.