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    29 Useful AF Products To Help You Survive A Music Festival

    Everything you need for your journey to the main stage.


    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what products are must-haves for surviving a music festival—here is the full roundup of items and tips that’ll take you from concert novice to music festival legend.

    1. Attach a Tile Mate bluetooth key-finder to your keyring, the back of your phone, or even the inside of your wallet as an added security measure if you lose them during the day.

    “You have to be vigilant about keeping up with your personal items — especially your car or house keys. Nothing will ruin an excellent festival faster than realizing you can't go home, shower, and pass out like you want to.” —A433

    The Tile app will automatically record the last place and time it saw the item the tile is attached to. It also comes with access to the Tile Community, which includes more than 5 million Tile users who can possibly help you locate your missing item.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95+. Available in a one-pack, four-pack, and eight-pack.

    2. Tuck your small valuables away in a pair of comfy two-pocket cargo shorts you can rock all festival season.

    “A pair of cargo shorts will literally hold everything you need. Water, weed, alcohol, whatever. But if it's a multi-day festival, of course, you may need more cargo than the shorts can facilitate.” —Adam Junrein

    Consider buying a dark or printed pair to keep stains from grass, food, or even mud from showing up too easily.

    Get them from Amazon: Men’s Cargo Shorts for $15 (Available in four colors, sizes 30-36) and Women’s Cargo Shorts for $12.96+ (Available in 10 colors, sizes XS-XL.

    3. Or put a few more coins toward a solar power bank you can charge up as you both bake under the sun.

    Promising Review: "I'm very happy with this device. It supplied enough power to easily charge my iPhone 7. It also comes with an attachable, bendable light that comes on when the charger is powered on. And there's a micro USB port for wall charging." —Orlando A. Velazco

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+. Available in four colors.

    4. Avoid the heartache of a dead phone by bringing along a few waterproof USB power banks to give your device a power boost throughout the day.

    “You're going to take so many pictures and videos within a four to eight hour day, so a waterproof portable charger is a necessity to keep your phone alive.” —Sabbydoll

    The power charger includes a metal carabiner you can clip to your bag or belt loop for easy access.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.98. Available in four colors.

    5. Bring along a clear collapsible water bottle you can fill up at festival water stations and easily clip to your shorts or bag.

    “Many festivals provide free drinking water fountains. So bring a collapsible bottle with you, that way, you won’t have to pay extra to stay hydrated during the day.” —Kaa, Facebook

    Get a set of two 16.9 oz bottles from Amazon for $12.99.

    6. Put the scorching heat on pause with a Frogg Toggs cooling towel, which will bring you comfort in a single squeeze.

    “Those towels are basically magic. You simply wet them with cold water, squeeze them out, and you are left with a cool towel for hours. They were the only way I survived a music festival in the middle of July.” —Brittany Brownson, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $7.67+. Available in six colors.

    7. Pick up a cheap pair of round shades or sleek aviators you won’t have to worry about getting broken or misplaced while rushing to watch your favorite artists.,

    “Take sunglasses with UV protection to make sure you are protecting your eyes throughout the day.” —Julia Dominick

    Get them from Amazon: Round Sunglasses for $12.60 (available in seven colors) and Aviators for $9.99 (available in nine colors)

    8. Make a simple style statement with an adjustable dad hat to protect your face and head from those savage UV rays.

    “A light-colored cap will help shield your face from the sun and attract less sun than a darker one.” —Julia Dominick

    Get it from Amazon for $6.29+. Available in 19 colors.

    9. Secure all your valuables in a cross-body bag or fanny pack — which will free your hands for peak fist-pump action.,

    “Take a cross-body bag, fanny pack, or a small backpack for just the essentials — like an empty refillable water bottle, keys, money, your ID, and a battery pack for your phone. ” —Julia Dominick

    Get them from Amazon: Cross-Body Bag for $15.99+ and Fanny Pack for $2.40+ (available in 21 colors)

    10. Or cut down some of the bulk with a lightweight travel wallet — especially if rocking a full fanny pack isn’t your thing.

    “You can keep your phone, debit card, and ID safe with one of those thin travel belts.” —AmberC

    Get it from Amazon for $10.97.

    11. Wear a pair of cheap closed-toe shoes you don’t mind getting dusty or muddy, because no one want to ruin a pair of good shoes.,

    “Cheap sneakers are the only shoes you should wear. You won't be mad when they get muddy or fall apart by the end of the festival.” —Raven Triplett, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon: Women’s Champion Trainer for $19+ (Available in 17 colors) and Men’s Lightweight Trainer for $19.99+

    12. Drench your skin in sunscreen lotion or spray to prevent a painful sunburn from completely ruining day two.,

    “Take lots and lots of sunscreen because you will have to reapply a few times during a long day.” —Julia Dominick

    Make sure to apply sunscreen every few hours, especially if you are coming in contact with water or sweating a lot.

    Get them from Amazon: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen for $8.16 and Banana Boat Sunscreen Spray for $5.93.

    13. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen or mineral powder to any exposed parts you may have in your hair — because no hairdo is worth a burned scalp.

    Promising Review: "This mineral powder sunscreen works great! I am very fair skinned with light hair and always struggle with my scalp burning. I applied it once along my part before heading outside for the day, and it protected my head very nicely, without any burn at all. It blended into my hairline fine, with neither me nor my husband noticing it all. And there was no greasy line left. The bottle is also very easy to carry around in my purse, which is nice if I need to reapply it after swimming or another activity." —Naturegirl

    Get the Banana Boat Scalp Spray from Walmart for $6.44 and the Mineral Sunscreen Brush from Amazon for $23.30.

    14. Treat your balls to a sweat-free festival run with body powder or Fresh Balls lotion, which will help keep them comfy after a day in steaming temps.,

    Promising Review: "I've never had obscene groin sweat or smells. But after a day of activities, I could definitely smell them sometimes. A week after getting Fresh Balls, I put it to the test. I spent a day in the middle of July walking downtown to enjoy a day that included watching a Coldplay concert and having dinner outside. Upon arriving home with my girlfriend, she physically put her nose on my bare balls and smelled them. 'They don't smell like anything!' she said, proof that the lotion works." —Johnathan T. Oetting

    Get them from Amazon: Body Powder for $18 and Fresh Balls Lotion for $10.99

    15. Make certain your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted by any wild after parties on the campgrounds with a set of foam earplugs.

    “Take ear plugs if you are camping overnight. You need to be able to recharge at night after all the walking and dancing. And you can be sure music will be blasting all night from other campsites near yours.” —Grizc

    Get a 50-pack for $8.54.

    16. Avoid a toilet paper crisis inside the porta-potty by packing your own toilet tissue rolls or to-go sheets.,

    “Bring your own roll of toilet paper. Just trust me on that.” —Eyerj, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon: Coreless Toilet Paper Roll Six-Pack for $7.99 or Toilet Tissue To-Go Roll Six-Pack for $10.39.

    17. Tote a hydration pack for an instant dose of water that'll put your bestie's tiny water bottle to shame.

    “Festivals like Lollapalooza have filling stations, which save you from dehydration. And a camelback will free your hands and possibly hold more water than a smaller canteen or water bottle.” —Raven Triplett, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $26.95.

    18. Wipe away the funk and grime of the day with a pack of Summer’s Eve wipes, which are a solid stand-in for a shower if don't have immediate access to one.

    “Summer’s Eve wipes are intended for vaginas. But I swear they are a shower in a cloth! They do the job much better than a baby wipe ever could. Man or woman, use them all over your body. They are amazing!”—Raina Grimsby

    Get a pack from Amazon for $4.73+. Available in four sizes and four scents.

    19. Slip a mini first aid kit inside your vehicle’s glove compartment or your bag to nurse any minor injuries you may sustain.

    “If you’re prone to cuts and bruises, a tiny first aid kit will save you some stress and keep your minor festival wounds protected.” —Kaa, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    20. Swerve on those surprise showers with a rain poncho you can sit on when the weather clears up.

    “Rain ponchos are extremely cheap and take up almost no space. They are a lifesaver if it rains, so you won't regret bringing one with you. And they are great to lay on the ground, so you can sit and relax without getting covered in mud.” —Alexa Higa, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99. Available in five colors.

    21. Leave a little room for a pocket blanket to relax on while hanging out at the campsite or on the festival lawn.

    “I always take a blanket so we can hang out on the campground before we go into the festival." —Kenna Mandic, Facebook

    Just make sure it’s a blanket you don’t mind getting messed up — and preferably waterproof or water resistant.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    22. Top off your festival fashions with a wide-brimmed straw hat that will keep you cool while everyone else is on struggle mode.

    “Screw your flower crowns and delicate hairdos. You need real protection, and a straw hat will provide it!” —Kaa, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $14.02+. Available in 13 colors.

    23. Keep your campsite looking like perfection with a reinforced tarp for your tent and extra aluminum stakes to keep your canopy from falling in the wind.,

    “There must be 20 or more broken canopies by Sunday at Coachella. Bring backup stakes and an extra tarp so you are not in that number!”—Kenna Mandic, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon: Reinforced Tarp for $8.99+ (available in 34 sizes) and 10-pack of stakes for $8.99.

    24. Make the most of the morning quiet by taking a yoga mat for some meditation before another exciting day of musical mayhem.

    “Yoga in the morning is super relaxing. And the mat can also prevent morning dew on grass from seeping through your tent.” —Leigh Moosavi, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99. Available in five colors.

    25. Load up on travel-sized hand sanitizer so germs won't be dancing on your hands and personal items.

    “I know it sounds funny, but hand sanitizer is a must between meals or if someone drinks a little too much and vomits on you." —Allison Bridgmon, Facebook

    You can clip the bottles to your bag or slip them in your pocket.

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $15.

    26. Slide into a pair of waterproof steel toe boots or sneakers to protect your feet from all the festival madness — and possibly prevent any trickery while crowd-surfing.

    “A pair of steel toe boots will provide comfort in all terrain and for standing all day. And they are perfect for kicking rude assholes in the head for trying to steal your credit card while you crowd-surf!” —Stisci94

    Get them from Amazon: Steel Toe Boots for $25.99+ (available in two colors, men’s sizes 6-13) and Steel Toe Sneakers for $45.91+ (available in four colors, men’s sizes 4.5-14)

    27. Take some stress off your booty and back by packing a folding chair you can set up at your campsite or to mark your spot on the festival lawn.

    “You’ll get tired of sitting on the ground, and a folding chair will be a great break from the floor.” —Kaa, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $17.79.

    28. Stash a pair of jumper cables in your trunk if you are camping overnight, so a dead battery doesn't completely shut down your car oasis.

    “My car was the holy land for AC, phone charging, and music. But it died twice during our time at the festival. So make sure you bring jumper cables so you can bring it back to life.” —Leigh Moosavi, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon for $25.99.

    29. And finally, be sure to take along a ton of positive energy to ensure your festival experience is beyond glorious.

    “Radiate positivity and bring all the good vibes you can. Be ready to meet some wonderful new people and make unforgettable memories with the friends you already have.” —Bryer Blumenschein, Facebook

    Get it from Yourself for FREE!

    Cheers to more music festival greatness.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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