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    29 Useful AF Products To Help You Survive A Music Festival

    Everything you need for your journey to the main stage.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what products are must-haves for surviving a music festival—here is the full roundup of items and tips that’ll take you from concert novice to music festival legend.

    1. Attach a Tile Mate bluetooth key-finder to your keyring, the back of your phone, or even the inside of your wallet as an added security measure if you lose them during the day.

    2. Tuck your small valuables away in a pair of comfy two-pocket cargo shorts you can rock all festival season.

    3. Or put a few more coins toward a solar power bank you can charge up as you both bake under the sun.

    4. Avoid the heartache of a dead phone by bringing along a few waterproof USB power banks to give your device a power boost throughout the day.

    5. Bring along a clear collapsible water bottle you can fill up at festival water stations and easily clip to your shorts or bag.

    6. Put the scorching heat on pause with a Frogg Toggs cooling towel, which will bring you comfort in a single squeeze.

    7. Pick up a cheap pair of round shades or sleek aviators you won’t have to worry about getting broken or misplaced while rushing to watch your favorite artists.

    8. Make a simple style statement with an adjustable dad hat to protect your face and head from those savage UV rays.

    9. Secure all your valuables in a cross-body bag or fanny pack — which will free your hands for peak fist-pump action.

    10. Or cut down some of the bulk with a lightweight travel wallet — especially if rocking a full fanny pack isn’t your thing.

    11. Wear a pair of cheap closed-toe shoes you don’t mind getting dusty or muddy, because no one want to ruin a pair of good shoes.

    12. Drench your skin in sunscreen lotion or spray to prevent a painful sunburn from completely ruining day two.

    13. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen or mineral powder to any exposed parts you may have in your hair — because no hairdo is worth a burned scalp.

    14. Treat your balls to a sweat-free festival run with body powder or Fresh Balls lotion, which will help keep them comfy after a day in steaming temps.

    15. Make certain your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted by any wild after parties on the campgrounds with a set of foam earplugs.

    16. Avoid a toilet paper crisis inside the porta-potty by packing your own toilet tissue rolls or to-go sheets.

    17. Tote a hydration pack for an instant dose of water that'll put your bestie's tiny water bottle to shame.

    18. Wipe away the funk and grime of the day with a pack of Summer’s Eve wipes, which are a solid stand-in for a shower if don't have immediate access to one.

    19. Slip a mini first aid kit inside your vehicle’s glove compartment or your bag to nurse any minor injuries you may sustain.

    20. Swerve on those surprise showers with a rain poncho you can sit on when the weather clears up.

    21. Leave a little room for a pocket blanket to relax on while hanging out at the campsite or on the festival lawn.

    22. Top off your festival fashions with a wide-brimmed straw hat that will keep you cool while everyone else is on struggle mode.

    23. Keep your campsite looking like perfection with a reinforced tarp for your tent and extra aluminum stakes to keep your canopy from falling in the wind.

    24. Make the most of the morning quiet by taking a yoga mat for some meditation before another exciting day of musical mayhem.

    25. Load up on travel-sized hand sanitizer so germs won't be dancing on your hands and personal items.

    26. Slide into a pair of waterproof steel toe boots or sneakers to protect your feet from all the festival madness — and possibly prevent any trickery while crowd-surfing.

    27. Take some stress off your booty and back by packing a folding chair you can set up at your campsite or to mark your spot on the festival lawn.

    28. Stash a pair of jumper cables in your trunk if you are camping overnight, so a dead battery doesn't completely shut down your car oasis.

    29. And finally, be sure to take along a ton of positive energy to ensure your festival experience is beyond glorious.

    Cheers to more music festival greatness.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.