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    17 Products That Just May Make You A Better Partner

    Because it's time to show how much you care.

    1. Practice your cuddling moves — even when your other half isn't around — on a girlfriend or boyfriend arm pillow.

    2. Bring some steamy sex positions to life with a Sex Position Coloring Book — then try them out together in your own bedroom.

    3. Gain a deeper knowledge of each other by committing to keeping a one-year What I Love About You journal.

    4. Switch out your tired bedding for a new microfiber sheet set to make your next day in together so much better.

    5. Design a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal for your sweetheart, which can serve as an adorable almost little one you two will love forever.

    6. Order a set of sex checks for some bedroom challenges you won't mind signing off on.

    7. Pull your life together with a Simple Elephant planner to keep track of your date nights, write down your relationship goals, and mark important relationship milestones.

    8. Show your person who's always on your mind by treating them to a lovely bouquet of flowers — a guaranteed way to make your sweetie smile.

    9. Take some serious steps toward getting your finances in order and making those awesome business ideas reality with the help of a subscription to Money or Entrepreneur.

    10. Drop a few dollars on a gym membership or fitness class to prove just how serious you are about bettering your health — which is always a sexy goal to set.

    11. Replace your worn-in socks, boxers, or panties to bring an instant dose of sexy to your underwear drawer — and give your honey a better view when you put those new sex positions to work.

    12. Silence those fights over the paper getting mixed in with the plastic by buying a recyclables sorter.

    13. Upgrade your cooking skills by making the meal of your love's dreams with a tasty Blue Apron subscription.

    14. Reignite your creative inspirations as a couple with a date night to a musical like On Your Feet or modern dance performance by the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

    15. Prevent your whiskers from scratching up your sweetie when you swoop in for a kiss by investing in a hydrating beard kit.

    16. Discover some of the most magical places in the world together while flipping through Destinations of a Lifetime — which you can also use to dress up your coffee table.

    17. And then surprise your significant other with a trip you booked online yourself to visit one of those beautiful places — a major gesture your love will remember forever.

    You two are going to be more adorable than ever.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.