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30 Dainty Pieces Of Jewelry To Buy Yourself For Valentine's Day

Dump your heart chains and rose rings for these beauties.

1. A magical mermaid-scales pendant that will reveal your inner sea goddess.

2. A delicate pair of crystal hoops that are beyond gorgeous.

3. A darling mermaid charm bangle with stone accents.

4. A set of silver and turquoise stacking rings that will upgrade any outfit.

5. An affordably fancy strap watch that will prove your style is timeless.

6. An EKG rhythm necklace that will completely steal your heart.

7. A pretty pair of bird-and-twig earrings that every nature lover will adore.

8. A set of shimmering evil-eye charm bracelets that will help keep the drama far away.

9. A glittering crystal gemstone ring that will be an enchanting addition to your jewelry collection.

10. A cream-and-gold elephant watch that will stomp the wristwear competition.

11. A sterling silver horseshoe-and-wishbone necklace that will guarantee luck is on your side.

12. A pair of iridescent shark-tooth earrings that will make everyone want to bite your style.

13. A cuff bracelet that will remind you of the infinite beauty of love.

14. A sleek octopus tentacles ring that you'll have no issues being stuck with.

15. A gorgeous white-and-gold watch that looks like it's straight from the future.

16. A gleaming heart necklace you can personalize with your initial or the initial of a loved one.

17. A black-cat ear cuff that is too adorable to bring you bad luck.

18. A beautiful set of glitter bangles for an epic wrist party.

19. A set of gold stacking rings that are six kinds of fabulous.

20. A sleek watch with gold detailing for those days all black is the only option.

21. A metallic bar pendant you can have hand-stamped with a meaningful name or location.

22. A delicate trio of stud earrings made from recycled sterling silver.

23. A gold-dipped heart-and-cross bracelet that may become your new fave.

24. A reversible midi ring you can wear as a teardrop ring or row of crystals.

25. A tiny triangle necklace that has no bad angles.

26. A darling pair of bee studs that will have all your friends buzzing.

27. A dreamy silver-and-opal glass moon ring.

28. A perfectly worn-in cuff bracelet you will love forever.

29. A handmade knot ring that's simply fierce.

30. And a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil necklace whose cuteness will never go extinct.

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