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19 Reasons Summer Birthdays Are The Best

Some people have been talking smack about summer birthdays. Allow me to retort.

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1. I'll let others debate the relative merits of "balloons," "cupcakes," and "songs," but the chief virtue of a summer birthday is easy: NO SCHOOL. Do you really want to spend your special day trapped in a classroom or cramming for a test? I didn't think so.

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2. Science tells us to soak in the rays: Summer birthdays are good for your health!

In 2010, a team of research scientists affiliated with Vanderbilt University exposed baby mice to varying levels of sunlight. Their findings, unpacked in a report published in Nature Neuroscience, suggested that those raised in summer-like conditions had friendlier personalities and "coped better than those who went through the winter cycle." The winter-cycle mice exhibited symptoms akin to humans suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

Douglas McMahon, one of the study's authors, also noted in an interview with the Daily Mail that their work (and that of others) revealed "people born in the winter months have an elevated risk of mood disorders such as seasonal depression, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia." Yikes!

3. So many prezzies, so little competition from holiday fatigue.

1. A summer birthday puts you on the far side of the Christmas orbit, when gift fatigue ebbs lowest.

2. I feel for anyone with a birthday in December or January, sentenced as you are to a lifetime of awkward combo gifts from cheapskate family members.

3. Aside from July Fourth, summer lacks for any major holidays that might otherwise crowd the calendar.


6. Included amongst those possibilities: SKYDIVING! Go with a group of your mates, at least six, and you might be able to negotiate a group discount, especially if you pay in cash. It's an amazing rush and literally anyone can do it. Like this guy; he's 90!

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9. In a world absolutely saturated with mobile devices and smart phones, you get avalanched with TONS of birthday messages from your friends and family on social media. Even better, because the weather is nice, they actually mean it!


13. It's true that someone with a summer birthday will trend younger in a peer group, but is this really a disadvantage? Your friends will hit 21 earlier, but they'll also hit 30 and 40 first, too. At best, a draw for them.

14. People flaking on your party "because it’s summer and they already have vacation plans"? Make your own damn travel plans! This year, it's Weezer at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with a pair of my besties. "You take your car to work..."

16. Astrology is definitely suspect, but alone among the signs, the Leo stands out. Represented by a lion (pretty fierce, yo), we're confident, enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. In a nutshell, we're awesome.


18. FACT: Summer birthdays get pretty exuberant. Expect lots and lots of high fives!

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