19 Reasons Summer Birthdays Are The Worst

Destroying b-day celebrations since the beginning of time.

1. You never got balloons at school like all the other cool kids.

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2. And you didn’t get a special class dedication with a song or cupcakes.

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3. Once the school year ended, you didn’t even see half the people till next year.

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4. The Cancer zodiac sign is complete bullshit.

It looks like a 69 symbol and it’s represented by a crab.

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5. It’s always so effing hot outside. You could actually bake cookies in your car.

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6. So you have boring birthday parties indoors.


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7. Or at the pool, where it’s so ridiculously crowded you can’t even breathe.

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8. You may even try a theme park, and then realize EVERYONE ON THE PLANET IS ALREADY THERE.

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9. What’s worse is when people just flat out don’t show up.

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10. Because it’s summer and they already have vacation plans.

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11. Or they’re doing something work-related in another city.

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12. You don’t even get that many Facebook birthday wishes because everyone is outside.


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13. And presents are a rare occasion.

Apart from your parents.

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14. You always seem to be the youngest in your class/group of friends.

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15. Which means everyone could drive before you.

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16. And drink before you.

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17. And you eventually got tired of being the DD.

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18. You’re basically just always sweaty and alone.

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19. And your birthday never seems to go as planned.

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Lesson of the day:

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