Tracy H.
44; married with a child; two dogs, a cat, two cavies and some fish - all rescues. Work with rescue dogs as volunteer.
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    • Tracy H.

      The Book Shop, Wigtown, Scotland should remember that not everyone can actually use literal books. I love to read despite my poor eyesight; but health issues with my joints mean I can no longer even hold a paperback open long enough to read even a page. I thought I’d never be able to read a book again, but an e-book reader like the Kindle, has opened my world of books to me once more. It’s sad that a bookshop, the one place where they would understand a person’s love of books, has decided that destruction of a kindle is better than letting a person use it. All they do with that attitude is put someone like me off visiting their premises - I prefer shops that *aid* the reader, not attempt to stop them accessing any visual/physical aid that lets them pursue the written word which enables them to bring a story to life in their imagination. Whilst I can no longer access the literal book anymore I have family that can and I love to buy for them - I wouldn’t bother the shop in wigtown though.

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