These Pictures Accurately Portray How People Feel About Don Lemon

BREAKING: Reporter gets all of the side-eyes.

9. Wondering what Don Lemon could have said to elicit such a response?

"I think I speak for everyone here when I say that government and police are our friends. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"

— Savvy Veteran Moves (@TheJRRobinson)

"... And that's why there's nothing wrong with eating Mayo straight out the jar. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon."

— Scary Bae Blige ☕️ (@MochaLisaccino)

Black people mustn't wear baggy pants and say the "N-word" if they want to live. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon..

— Laci Del Ray (@DivaLaci)

"And that is why Celine Dion, and NOT Aretha Franklin, is the true Queen of Soul. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"

— Savvy Veteran Moves (@TheJRRobinson)

"And that's why raisins belong in potato salad. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"

— Desus (@desusnice)

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