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These Pictures Accurately Portray How People Feel About Don Lemon

BREAKING: Reporter gets all of the side-eyes.

Wondering what Don Lemon could have said to elicit such a response?

"I think I speak for everyone here when I say that government and police are our friends. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"

"... And that's why there's nothing wrong with eating Mayo straight out the jar. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon."

Black people mustn't wear baggy pants and say the "N-word" if they want to live. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon..

"And that is why Celine Dion, and NOT Aretha Franklin, is the true Queen of Soul. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"

"And that's why raisins belong in potato salad. For CNN, I'm Don Lemon"