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    14 Reasons You Should Be Watching The CeCe Show On Social Media

    The 5-year-old kid comic from Louisiana already has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 on Vine.

    1. Because her Louisiana accent with charm your socks off.

    2. Because she's great at celebrity impressions.

    3. Because she appreciates fine cuisine.

    4. She's always ready to do it for the Vine.

    5. Because she knows all about what the devil needs to do.

    6. Because she's all about the turn up.

    7. Because maybe she likes dirt.

    8. Because she's #TeamNatural

    9. And the knows the importance of having healthy edges.

    10. Because her sense of style is impeccable.

    11. Because she hangs out with all your favorite celebs.

    12. And she's already made television appearances, including the Steve Harvey Show.

    13. And she's even got her own tour!

    Talk about a little kid making big moves!

    14. And most of all, because she's a bright, shining, carefree little gem.

    Long live the #CareFreeBlackGirls of the world!