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35 Questions Black People Have For White People

Do you really think that racism is over because we have a black president?

1. Is clapping on beat really that hard?

2. Why do y'all dance like that?

3. Will you PLEASE stop trying to touch our hair without asking?

4. Why do you freak out when people of color are cast to play white fictional characters?

If it's okay for a black guy to play Human Torch in the F4 reboot then I guess it's okay for a white guy to play Black Panther, right?

5. And why do you freak out when people of color are cast to play fictional characters that are actually of color?

6. Why do you riot when your sports team loses?

7. Why do you riot when your sports team wins?

8. Are y'all ever gonna stop wearing Jesus sandals?

9. And speaking of Jesus, you know he wasn't white, right?

10. Southerners, do you really not get why the Confederate flag is offensive to us?

11. Are you all really into pumpkin spice like that?

12. Are you worried that reality shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Mob Wives cast white people in a stereotypical light?

13. Why are y'all so obsessed with gluten?

14. Do you have family reunions?

15. Why don't you use washcloths?

16. Why do you want to say the n-word soooooo badly?

17. Why do you always make such awful decisions in horror movies?

18. Is your black friend cool with being used as the reason you "can't be racist"?

19. Can you please take Iggy Azalea back?

20. What is it like being able to talk shit to police officers and not worry about being shot?

21. Why do y'all need an "extreme" or "ultimate" version of all the sports?

22. Why do y'all like "Turn Down for What" and the "Ignition" remix so much?

23. How come you can't pronounce "black names" like Quvenzhané but can say Schwarzenegger, Galifianakis, and LaBeouf just fine?

24. Do you all really eat green bean casserole? And like it?

25. What do you have against seasonings and spices?

#whiteculture Mary Beth went in on this 😩🙌

26. Why do you kiss your dogs in the mouth?

27. Why do you wear shorts in the winter?

28. Do you know how messed up using the term "nonwhite" to describe people of color is?

29. Do you know that "you're not like other black people" is not a compliment?

30. Why do y'all think you discovered "beauty trends" that we've been doing for years, like cornrows, Timberlands, and having a big ass?

31. Are you aware that Friends was basically a rip-off of Living Single?

32. If being a minority isn't so bad, why are you so terrified of being one?

33. What's the deal with cargo pants? Why do you need such an extreme number of pockets?

34. You don't really believe that racism is over because we have a black president, do you?

35. You're going to leave a comment saying "If white people made a post like this about black people, it'd be racist," aren't you?