23 Celebs Who Prove That Black Don’t Crack

Maybe they were born with it? Maybe it’s Maybelline? Nah, they were totally born with it.

1. Prince

Mike Blake / Reuters

Age: 55
Looks like: The 1979 version of Prince
Secret of youth: An exfoliant made of crushed B.B. King records

2. Diahann Carroll

Mark Davis / Getty Images

Age: 78
Looks like: Everything you’ve ever wished and hoped to be in your life
Secret of youth: The direct favor and blessings of the Ancestors

3. LL Cool J

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Age: 45
Looks like: His mama just told him to knock you out, like, yesterday
Secret of youth: The constant lip licking

4. Bianca Lawson

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Age: 34
Looks like: A teenager, which explains why she’s been playing them for the last 20 years
Secret of youth: Cardio via marathon line dancing sessions

5. Lenny Kravitz

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Age: 49
Looks like: The senior you had a crush on your freshman year
Secret of youth: Weekly body wraps with kente-print cloth

6. Tyra Banks

John Shearer / AP

Age: 39
Looks like: She just won America’s Next Top Model
Secret of youth: Blue Magic hair grease

7. Sade

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Age: 54
Looks like: That friend of your mom’s that you always had a secret crush on
Secret of youth: The kiss of liiiiiiife

8. Rozonda “Chili” Thomas

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Age: 42
Looks like: This 21-year-old holding a bottle between T-Boz and Left Eye
Secret of youth: That perfectly sculpted baby hair

9. Nia Long

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Age: 42
Looks like: She’s about to go confront Deebo for hitting Felisha
Secret of youth: A daily smoothie made of avocado, banana, and Lena Horne’s tears

10. Halle Berry

Chris Pizzello / AP

Age: 47
Looks like: She just broke up with Eddie Murphy
Secret of youth: Red Kool-Aid facials

11. Stacey Dash

Dan Steinberg / AP

Age: 46
Looks like: She’s on her way to meet up with Cher at the mall
Secret of youth: Curry face moisturizer

12. Iman

Jemal Countess / WireImage / Getty Images

Age: 58
Looks like: Ms. Trinidad’s daughter
Secret of youth: Goo gobs of cocoa butter

13. Pharell Williams

CFDA Via Getty Images / Getty Images

Age: 40
Looks like: He just handed Teddy Riley for verse he wrote for him on “Rump Shaker
Secret of youth: Cetaphil. No, really.

14. Blair Underwood

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Age: 49
Looks like: He just discovered Sheila E. in the Bronx
Secret of youth: Only juices and berries.

15. Naomi Campbell

Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Age: 43
Looks like: She’s headed to her 30th birthday party
Secret of youth: Sleeps on a satin pillowcase weaved of Prince’s hair

16. Angela Bassett

Chris Pizzello / AP

Age: 55
Looks like: She just finished shaking a tail feather
Secret of youth: A facial toner made of old copies of Jet

17. Gabrielle Union

Charles Dharapak / AP

Age: 40
Looks like: The girl you and your best friend fought over
Secret of youth: Pot liquor

18. Sanaa Lathan

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Age: 42
Looks like: She just played Quincy in a game of one-on-one
Secret of youth: A daily cup of green tea with a dash of Louisiana hot sauce

19. Tina Turner

Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

Age: 73
Looks like: She just left Ike yesterday
Secret of youth: Lots and lots of this

20. Will Smith

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Age: 45
Looks like: He just enrolled at Bel-Air Academy
Secret of youth: The “Jump On It” dance

21. Jada Pinkett-Smith

Yves Herman / Reuters

Age: 42
Looks like: She just graduated from Hillman
Secret of youth: A coconut oil and sweet tea deep conditioner

22. Rachel True

David Livingston / Getty Images

Age: 46
Looks like: She was just carded at her favorite bar
Secret of youth: A monthly spades tournament

23. Morgan Freeman

Steve Marcus / Reuters

Age: 187
Looks like: Your granddad
Secret of youth: Was born old, so he’s looked the same age forever

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