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20 Times Drew Monson Was The Most Relatable Person On Twitter

"The bravest thing you can do as a human is not eat all of the ice cream in your house."

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1. When he wanted his life to get ruined.

I am ready for a hot person to ruin my life

2. When he really understood Tumblr.

people on tumblr only type in lowercase because they are whispering and afraid you will yell at them

3. When Breaking Bad was always a good topic of conversation.

Sad when you haven't seen someone for so long that you don't even remember if they've seen Breaking Bad or not

4. When he knew that nobody is perfect.

My body may not be perfect but it does have a lot of cookies in it and people fucking love those

5. When he was the saddest nude person.

Coming out of the shower and seeing your phone has no notifications is probably the saddest way to be nude

6. When he figured out the appeal of Snapchat.

Snapchat makes me confident because I look somewhat okay when I'm sideways with most of my face smashed into a pillow

7. When he understood true bravery.

The bravest thing you can do as a human is not eat all of the ice cream in your house

8. When he was really hot...

Probably the hottest thing about me is that when I make Mac & Cheese I don't need to look at the box because I have the directions memorized

9. And also when he was really hip.

If you ever get sad just remember that being sad is incredibly hip

10. When he questioned acne.

Why do bad zits happen to good foreheads

11. When he gave some millennial cooking tips.

If you poke little holes into your microwaveable burritos they will heat more thoroughly.

12. When he held the key to his own happiness.

If I knew how to make bread then I would be happy

13. When he had deep thoughts about Nickelback.

I'd be a happier person if no one ever told me I'm not supposed to like Nickelback and I could just jam the fuck out to Rockstar guilt-free

14. When he wasn't covered in his own filth.

"Baths are gross because you're covered in your own filth" What the fuck is on ur body? Do u roll in mud? It's just cookie crumbs grow up

15. When he showed his appreciation for rice.

I will never be as good as rice. Rice can fix your phone and be covered in butter. I can only do one of those things. The butter one

16. When he missed the Sims.

I still think about you sometimes. This isn't a romantic breakup tweet I'm talking about The Sims 2

17. When he was a real risk-taker.

Only having one pair of headphones is risky because when they break you will be forced to listen to your own thoughts on the way to target

18. When he let himself feel things.

I just got emotional about someone on a turtle message board calling another person's turtle cute

19. When he understood body positivity.

I would like to report that earlier this morning I felt good about my body for 25 seconds

20. And when he let Zayn know how he really feels.

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