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    Visit These 13 Haunted Places Across Canada For Maximum Spooky Feels This Season

    Just thinking about these places makes me want to run home!

    Are you looking to prove the existence of ghosts this year? Well from ghost tours to haunted hotels — these are the creepiest locations across all of Canada to tour this spooky season.

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    1. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta

    a tree without leaves in the foreground and the banff springs hotel in the background
    Nick Fitzhardinge / Getty Images

    This historic luxury hotel, originally founded in 1888 as the Banff Springs Hotel, has housed well-known guests (both alive and once living) for decades. To get a chance at spotting the spirits that are rumored to be roaming the halls, you would have to make a reservation as a guest — however, none of the super haunted rooms are available for a stay. 

    2. Helmcken Alley in Downtown Victoria, British Columbia

    a building in downtown victoria british columbia behind 3 street lamps
    Cnicbc / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Serving as part of a lively social center today, this site holds the darker stories of Downtown Victoria's past as it once stood as a jailhouse and location for public executions. However, if you're interested in walking next to a few Victorian apparitions and hearing local ghost stories that are sure to keep you up at night, you can join downtown's Ghostly Walks walking tour. 

    3. Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    the saint boniface museum in the fall with a bust of riel in the foreground
    Patrick Donovan / Getty Images

    Before this museum dedicated to Francophone and Métis history opened its doors to the public in 1967, the reportedly haunted and oldest building in Winnipeg has been used as a convent, home for the elderly, nursing school, and day school for children throughout the century its been around. As far as paranormal experiences go, you can expect to hear sounds from the people of the building's past or even feel like there's a pair of eyes on you while you walk the museum.

    4. The Dungarvon Woods in Blackville, New Brunswick

    empty forest with tall tress and a dirt trail
    Joern Siegroth / Getty Images

    Given the well-known legend of the Dungarvon Whooper, it's no surprise that the woods and river where the ghost story takes place would be considered basically the most haunted location in the province. Although the supposed screaming and whooping from Ryan the ghost were considered to be silenced by a priest blessing the grounds, it's rumored that his screams can still be heard in the forest to this day.  

    5. St. John's in Newfoundland

    a tower in saint johns newfoundland
    By Marc Guitard / Getty Images

    The 500 year old city of St. John's is rich in creepy stories and ghostly hot spots. Luckily for those interested in the historic spookiness of the city, you can partake in the St. John's Haunted Hike where you'll explore all the haunted buildings, cemeteries, and murder sites that St. John's has to offer.

    6. Nahanni National Park in The Northwest Territories

    the valley and river in the nahanni national park
    Ondrej Kubicek / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    For the last century, visitors of this beautiful and haunting reserve have turned up missing, only to return without their heads. Also known as The Valley of Headless Men, it can still be accessed on certain days by boat by only the bravest of thrill seekers and ghost hunters.

    7. Black Brook Cemetery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    headstones on a hill at night with flashlights shining on them in the background
    Shaunl / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Of course a cemetery would be considered haunted, but the difference between other graveyards and this one is that Black Brook Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the evil spirit of a witch. Visitors of the cemetery should make sure to bring some ghost hunting supplies, because others have reported hearing some unbelievable things on EVP recordings — but above all else, if visiting, bring your respect to those resting there.

    8. The Rankin Inlet Fire Hall in Nunavut

    a nunavut inlet from far away
    James_gabbert / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    If you're ever touring the amazing local art created by the residents of this Inuit settlement and are feeling a little daring, you can quickly stop by the firehouse! According to the firefighters of Rankin Inlet, there's a few curious spirits that can be heard running around the building and have even taken some of the fire equipment.

    9. The Beck House in Penetanguishene, Ontario

    the side of an old house covered in fog
    Maria Kuusela / Getty Images/EyeEm

    Fans of haunted houses will love the story of the 11 person family that once lived in this Victorian home, and still might! Visitors to the home have reported flickering lights, ghostly sounds, and the restless spirit of the Beck family's eldest daughter, Mary, watching everything from an upstairs window. The best part of it all, is that you can actually stay at this haunted location instead of just visiting through this Airbnb listing.

    10. The Confederation Trail in Prince Edward Island

    an empty train track in the forest covered in fog
    Sara Stanley Photography / Getty Images

    The trail itself is built over the railways that once ran across PEI for decades before being decommissioned, and is about 273 km in length. At an estimated 2 km into the trail, you can find yourself near what once was the Tignish Terminus, which was only a mile away from the most devastating train accident on the island. Visitors to the site of the Deblois Train Wreck have reported hearing the whistling of a train, as well as spotting a ball of light zip down the train tracks.

    11. The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Quebec City, Quebec

    a church steeple angled next to the half moon in the sky
    Marc Daneau / Getty Images/EyeEm

    Although the lore behind the rumored spookiness of this 250 year old church changes depending on who you're speaking to, everyone with a paranormal story of the cathedral can at least agree that it is haunted by the spirit of a grieving woman. Church attendees and workers have stated that the cathedral organ will play on its own, crying can be heard at all hours, and a female specter can be seen on the church balcony. Many visitors of the church have said they've seen the floating ghost woman on the balcony, but the most notable of these statements is from Queen Elizabeth II in 1964! 

    12. Darke Hall in Regina, Saskatchewan

    an empty dark abandoned theatre
    Gremlin / Getty Images

    The almost century old Darke Hall within Regina University once housed many quarantined students who would later die from the typhoid epidemic. While visitors of the performing arts venue have claimed to hear these ghosts move around the hall, the most interesting of the reported spirits haunting the building would be its namesake, Francis Darke. His ghost is said to be seen enjoying shows at the venue.

    13. The Caribou Hotel in Carcross, Yukon

    a vintage hotel sign at night
    Elizabeth Fernandez / Getty Images

    This century-old hotel is historically known for its eerie past — including being burned down and then rebuilt, the death and subsequent haunting by one of its owners, and other deaths of past guests. The ghosts of the building are said to be heard slamming doors and swearing at people. Currently, it is not possible to stay at the hotel, but the restaurant portion of the building is open and ready to continue its legacy!