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I've Just Discovered "Canadian Pick-Up Lines" And I Can't Stop Giggling

Is it getting steamy in here? Honestly, probably not because it's winter in Canada.

Recently Reddit user u/New_Stats challenged r/AskACanadian to share their corniest Canadian pickup lines. Let's see which of these ~absolute gems~ is the best to everyone:

1. "How much does a polar bear weigh?"

2. "Hey, are you maple syrup?"

3. "Want a spritz of lemon on your beavertail?"

4. "I would cut off my leg and run across Canada just to be noticed by you."

5. "How you doin, eh?"

6. "I hope you like Québécois food..."

7. "Hey, do you live in Saskatchewan?"

8. "Are you a beaver?"

9. "Canada is the second largest country in the world. What can I say? Canada has a lot of large things."

10. "Té-tu tombée du ciel?" (Did you fall from the sky?)

11. "Are you from Canada?"

What's a pickup line that you've given a guilty giggle to? Let us know in the comments!