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After An Amazingly Successful Opening Weekend, Here Are 42 Of The Best Tweets About "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"

"It's insane how the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever cast has the best face cards in the MCU."

The MUCH anticipated latest instalment to the MCU, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, hit theatres this past weekend to the biggest November movie crowd of all time!

I don't make the rules, this film is a piece of history. So here are 42 hilarious and emotional tweets celebrating Wakanda Forever for everyone who'll be chanting "Wakanda Forever" for the next week:

🚨Major Black Panther: Wakanda Forever spoilers ahead 🚨

You have been warned.

Live footage of me, right now.

Me waiting for more of my friends to see #BlackPanther so we can talk about it.

Twitter: @JCWM2

Literally when somebody asks me how was #WakandaForever

Twitter: @Sinchangowdaa

Me the whole time during the post credits of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 😭#WakandaForever

Twitter: @slaughterdxn

yall the rumors are true, black panther wakanda forever is in fact that bitch

Twitter: @gl0ssbaby

This movie kinda restored my faith in the MCU a little cause I had lost HOPE

Twitter: @keyon

Naturally, there's also well-deserved thirst for the cast.

black panther wf everybody was just having a sexy off like good Lord bisexuals was eating tew good specifically.

Twitter: @dansensolsens

Y’all Black Panther 2 was truly a cinematic masterpiece. The plot was so riveting: The plot:

Twitter: @iamlexstylz

if bad why sexy? #Namor #WakandaForever

Twitter: @lizziescoven_

When Lupita first appeared in Wakanda Forever she took my breath away Truly beautiful

Twitter: @AMG_Review

Shuri's style and drip was on another level. She left no crumbs. This was my favourite outfit. #Shuri    #WakandaForever

Twitter: @lebogangngweny2

Questionable, but valid, villain simping.

Would’ve been me after #Namor said let’s burn it together

Twitter: @AshleyKSmalls

his name is namor but I call him mi amor😩🫶🏼

Twitter: @paolaberdeja

namor taking shuri to his underworld empire, gifting her his mother’s ancestral bracelet, & asking her to burn the world together .,

Twitter: @phiItatoss

me on my way to steal vibranium from the sea so namor finds me: #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

Twitter: @Targ_Nation

me when I realized how strong Namor really was in the scene with M’Baku #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

Twitter: @niftyn3ftyy

Personally if #Namor asked me to burn the world with him, my immediate response would be medium well or extra crispy? #BlackPanther

Twitter: @ivyheartskoo

I love the Black Panther movies cause they’re the only Marvel movies with this message

Twitter: @karlogan_

Then there are the things that only make sense in context.

black panther: wakanda forever spoiler without context

Twitter: @cassiecareen

As a Mexican/Latino I actually don’t feel represented by the Namor character in the new Black Panther movie because I can’t swim. If Namor was wearing basketball shorts at the beach and only going in knee high into the ocean then I would’ve felt seen.

Twitter: @ChrisEstrada85

I’m not even gonna lie Shuri and Peter Parker have the best character development arcs in a single movie in the entire MCU 🫡 #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

Twitter: @KeiziTV
Twitter: @WrittenByHanna

here are the real villains in Black Panther 2:

Twitter: @thewoorstt

Namor chose which black panther to have smoke with cause King T’Chaka woulda turnt him to a McDonald’s fish sandwich

Twitter: @chefmade_92

me saying bye to the theater workers after watching Wakanda Forever

Twitter: @WatchOffWorld

My Mexican dad before we went to go see Wakanda Forever: so Namor, it means like “no love?” Is that part of his character? Me: no dad, that’s just been the character’s name since 1939. Namor in the movie: so I took that as my name, “Namor,” the child without love! My dad:

Twitter: @TheCyndiMi

riri williams one of the best newcomers of phase 4 im sorry it's true!!!

Twitter: @itszaeok

Ryan Coogler learning how to swim so he could join the actors and cameras and direct the scenes in the water is one of my favorite things I’ve learned about the making of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Twitter: @MikeishaDache

Packed Wakanda Forever audience cheering "ELAINE! ELAINE! ELAINE!" every time Julia Louis-Dreyfus shows up

Twitter: @BenjaminCrew1

Wakanda Forever spoilers with no context #BlackPanther #WakandaForever

Twitter: @SpiderY00ng1

Me when I hear people asking why they name t'challa’s son Toussaint and why he chose to raise him in Haiti #WakandaForever

Twitter: @iKev_sl

black panther 2 was so good, im just not sure how to feel about them letting the fish man say the n word

Twitter: @LilNasX


“he was black panther to everyone. but to me, he was everything. my t’challa”


watching those black panther trailers you would NEVER have guessed who queen ramonda was giving that speech to like wow that hurt

Twitter: @photonsmight

at first I was like wtf and then she brought up the killmonger receipts and I was like wait a min that’s true😭

Twitter: @tojiprint

And of course the celebration of the incredible performances.

Oh wow on top of having to learn Yucatec Maya, Mabel Cadena (who plays Namora) didn’t speak English before being cast in Wakanda Forever either. That is fckn IMPRESSIVE 😭

Twitter: @Pollos_Hernandy

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever having a black woman led cast in a blockbuster superhero movie…Fucking amazing. Then to include an indigenous civilization with an actual indigenous actor in a mainstream blockbuster…Yeah…They set the bar EVERY time.

Twitter: @MinnieTy5

angela bassett deserves to be the first actor nominated for an oscar for a marvel movie for her work in black panther wakanda forever, my god

Twitter: @noradominick

two performances that stayed with me the most after watching black panther: wakanda forever was from tenoch huerta and angela bassett. both give incredibly captivating performances and how they expertly handle the nuances of grief was possibly the best i've seen in any cb movie

Twitter: @travellingsoot

And all in all, what an amazing film!

Twitter: @ungodlywests
Twitter: @korysstorm

It’s impossible to re-create the irreplaceable Chadwick Boseman for a Black Panther sequel, but Wakanda Forever beautifully honors his memory and carries his legacy respectfully

Twitter: @TheFirstOkiro

What's been your favourite MCU film of Phase 4, and why was it Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Let us know in the comments!