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    13 Reasons Why Time Travel Would Be The Best Thing Ever

    In honor of the newly released TIME TRAVELER'S ALMANAC, Tor Books would like to share just a few reasons why time travel would be EPIC

    1. Witnessing significant historical events

    2. Talking to folks of the past like you are a future telling wizard

    3. Causing unnecessary havoc because you can

    4. Going to all the concerts you missed because of your unfortunately too-late birth

    5. Becoming a righteous historical vigilante

    6. One word: hoverboards

    7. You can go back to before your favorite franchises were ruined

    8. Seeing the inevitable future remakes of movies that were awesome the first time but just might be even better with improved CGI technology

    9. Going into the past with a rocking sense of superiority

    10. Making friends with historical figures

    11. Getting all of your medical problems taken care of because they will definitely have cures for acne and being fat in the future (also cancer, probably)

    12. Being able to say this sentence

    13. Two words: Pet Dinosaur

    The Time Traveler's Almanac, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer