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Prepare For Your Next Dangerous Steampunk Adventure With Gideon Smith

Adventuring is dangerous and unpredictable business, as Gideon Smith learned in Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl. After encountering Egyptian mummies, frog-faced hordes, sky pirates, vampires, and Bram Stoker himself, Gideon Smith has a little advice for his companions.

TorBooks • 4 years ago

PICK YOUR POISON: Art Imitates Life In A "Killer" Way

Acclaimed thriller writers Hilary Davidson (Blood Always Tells) and Jon McGoran (Drift) are no strangers to the game of premeditated murder, a longtime facet in many genres of fiction. The most fascinating ways to kill off fictional characters don’t involve bullets or blades, and poison is just the beginning! In McGoran’s newly released biotech thriller, DEADOUT, the sequel to DRIFT, a giant biotech company creates genetically modified super bees to come to the rescue of the world’s collapsing bee colonies. But their intentions are not what they seem. Here are some other favorite fictional ways that McGoran and Davidson bring murder and mayhem to the printed page…

TorBooks • 5 years ago

When Two Become One: Life With Computers In Our Brains

Stephen Baker's THE BOOST features a very near future where most everyone is outfitted at birth with a "boost"--a networked supercomputer imbedded in the brain. What will life be like in this (inevitable, if we're honest) future world? Well, let's just say there will be pros and cons...

TorBooks • 5 years ago

How To Know If Your Best Friend's A Robot

Robots may have started out as machines with people hiding inside, but these days, they’re getting more and more advanced, both in software and hardware. In a world where anyone might be a robot, how will you know if your best friend is real? Well, your best friend might be a robot if…

TorBooks • 5 years ago

Five Gods And Goddesses It Would Totally Suck To Permanently Hallucinate

In Daryl Gregory’s AFTERPARTY we are introduced to the drug Numinous which induces the tangible feeling of the Almighty's love (however the imbiber might be predisposed to imagine Him/Her/It). Unfortunately, an overdose of Numinous can cause a permanent visual and auditory hallucination of however God manifests himself/herself/itself to you... so don't take too much.

TorBooks • 5 years ago

This Is A Dragon Appreciation Post

Inspired by the amazing and dragon-centric books by Marie Brennan, A Natural History of Dragons and The Tropic of Serpents

TorBooks • 5 years ago

13 Reasons Why Time Travel Would Be The Best Thing Ever

In honor of the newly released TIME TRAVELER'S ALMANAC, Tor Books would like to share just a few reasons why time travel would be EPIC

TorBooks • 5 years ago