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  • Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ Gives Away Entire Plot

    Ordinary wood logs burning in a fireplace or important piece of cinematic history? Netflix put a twist on the familiar burning fireplace on television and released a trailer to gear up for its availability on the streaming service. Going a step further, Netflix provided a behind the scenes reel attached to the tongue-in-cheek trailer for Fireplace For Your Home. In the two-minute look at making the film about wood burning, a director named Director explains the meticulous process of finding the right logs for the feature.

  • Mac & Cheese? Pizza? Or Mac & Cheese Pizza?

    In a twist on the famous Stanford Marshmallow test, Annie’s taped kids via hidden camera and gave them a choice. Mac & Cheese, Pizza or wait 10 minutes and get the child equivalent of heaven on a plate—a Mac & Cheese pizza. Check out the results. They’re absolutely adorable.

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