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TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 233 with guests Mike Connors, David Breckman and JoAnn Paul

Original Airdate: Week of May 14-19, 2014

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First hour: Ed welcomes David Breckman, writer, director and co-executive producer of Monk, and JoAnn M. Paul, author of And Now, Back to Mannix, a new book that not only explores the depth of the Mannix character in great detail, but makes the case that Joe Mannix has all the traits of a classic literary hero. Also in this hour: An extended edition of This Week in TV History that includes a remembrance of actress Jackie Lynn Taylor, and a discussion of the first Our Gang comedy to be filmed with sound.

Second hour: Ed and David Breckman welcome Mike Connors, the actor known to three generations of television viewers as the star of Mannix. Mike Connors also wrote the foreword to And Now, Back to Mannix.

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