21 Things That'll Make Any Catholic School Student Laugh And Then Genuflect

    *makes sign of the cross*

    1. You don't even know what to say when people ask about your schooling.

    2. Your classmates' favorite pastime was pushing your teacher's buttons.

    3. Some of your textbooks were pretty, uh, creative.

    4. So was your "sex education."

    5. Literally God forbid your uniform was a little off.

    6. Especially if it was too revealing...

    7. You had no idea what it was like to wear regular clothes until college.

    8. Like, zero idea.

    9. Seriously, how do you even choose an outfit???

    10. Raise your hand if Catholic school made you the furthest thing from Catholic.

    11. Also raise your hand if you made up shit in confession.

    When you make up a sin in confession and the priest has all these follow-up questions: #growingupCatholic

    12. Confession was just all-around weird AF.

    13. Catholic school totally messed with your perspective.

    14. You often reference Catholic things to no avail.

    15. You totally took advantage of "the day of rest."

    16. Going to an all-girls school made things even more interesting.

    17. Your chaperones at dances were priests and nuns.

    18. There were rules for literally everything.

    19. Overall, things were very...strict.

    20. You still can't get all those church songs out of your head.

    21. And you know you wouldn't be who you are today without your goddamn Catholic education.