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Here's How People Orgasm Around The World


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We now know what countries have the best, loudest, and most frequent orgasms in the world, thanks to a new survey from Lelo, a Swedish retailer of ~adult~ toys and accessories.

The company polled 2,200 people across 21 countries about how often, how loud, and how intense they orgasm. 🚨 HERE ARE THE JUICY RESULTS. 🚨

1. Norwegians have the most orgasms.

A whopping 35% of Norwegian respondents claim they orgasm at least once a day, which is a lot, considering the global average is only two to three times a week. Norway, you're doing amazing, sweetie.


2. Brazilians are screamers.

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Brazilians are easily the loudest in bed — with 65% of respondents claiming to be screamers. That is BOOMING, considering the second-loudest country was Norway, at 39.9%. Brazil is almost louder than the rest of the world combined.

3. Italians, Spaniards, and Chileans come the hardest.

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These three ~Romance~ countries report the most intense orgasms: 10%–13% of each country's respondents rated their orgasms within the highest percentile. It's not just their food that has explosive flavor.

4. Americans aren't very satisfied in bed.


America may be a global superpower, but in bed, the majority of US respondents (28%) rated the intensity of their orgasms a not-so-powerful 7/10.

5. Canadians barely enjoy their orgasms.


Sadly, 15% of Canadians have never even experienced an orgasm, and another 15% rate their orgasm intensity just a 1 out of 10. Stop being so polite, Canada!

6. Brits actually get down quite a bit.


Contrary to popular belief that Britain is boring in bed, 11% of UK respondents claim they orgasm at least once a day, and 53% said their orgasms were sometimes loud, the highest in that category.

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