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    19 Typos That Are So Funny You'll Actually Be Glad No One Caught Them

    Oh...oh no.

    1. They got what now?

    2. I didn't know there was a new Snickers flavor!

    3. That's...quite a nickname.

    4. We don't talk enough about this STD.

    5. Oh lord...

    6. Don't let being dead stop you from chasing your dreams.

    7. This is a steal, TBH.

    8. Ugh, censorship.

    9. I mean...

    10. "WHEN and WHERE of WHAT"

    11. What'd you call me??

    12. Get it, Kristen.

    13. I'm all set, Pepsi.

    14. BOO!

    15. I don't know!!!

    16. Fear the furry.

    17. Ouch.

    18. "Smelly, dented and rusted"

    19. And finally, thank you for your service, Owen.

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