This Is What Happens When You Ask Americans To Name A British City That Isn't London

    ...Paris? Also there is no such place as Huffingandpuffingshire.

    Blogger Stacey Cavanagh conducted a survey asking a thousand people in the US to name a British city... other than London.

    And the winner was... Liverpool! Narrowly beating Manchester.

    That's probably thanks to The Beatles.

    Also in the top ten responses were, um, Wales and Paris.

    For the record, Wales is in the UK, but is not a city.

    While Paris is a city, but is sadly not in the UK.

    Some more places given as answers included Johannesburg, Mumbai, Seattle, Ohio, Quebeq, Colombia and Peru.

    Other suggestions: "Worcesterhrirehamingtom", "Huffingandpuffingshire", "Newbugglesville", "Naryatoothintown", "Pussymouth", "Crapola" and "Mitt Romney!". Sadly, these are not real places.

    But overall, Stacey was pretty impressed with the answers:

    "I was surprised by how many lesser known cities (and towns, of course) were named," she said. "Yes, we can all scoff at Wales and Paris in the top 10, but actually, there were a lot of sensible answers. And I don't think the British would fare any better the other way around."

    And in case any British people are thinking of being smug, she's also planning to ask Brits to name places in the US. So maybe wait for those results to come in before mocking...