The 17 Types Of Twitter Fave

    Ranked from worst to best.

    17. The "Give Me a Job" Fave

    16. The "I Will Wait a Few Days and Then Reword This Joke and Pass It Off As My Own" Fave

    15. The Self Fave

    14. The Back Pat Fave

    13. The Accidental Fave

    12. The Acknowledgement of Praise Fave

    11. The Acknowledgement of Subtweet Fave

    10. The Secret Crush Fave

    9. The Just Bookmarking Something Fave

    8. The "This Conversation Is Over" Fave

    7. The Hate Fave

    6. The Temporary Hate Fave

    5. The Flirty Mutual Faves

    4. The "I Spent Five Minutes Trying to Think of a Witty Response and Failed but I Want You to Know I Apreciated This" Fave

    3. The Blackmail Fave

    2. The Fave-ing That Tweet Where Piers Morgan Said "I Want To Die" Fave

    1. The "This Was Actually Just One of My Favourite Things" Fave