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This Is What It Will Be Like If Scotland Votes For Independence

All of these things will definitely happen.

BBC/David Cheskin/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Scotsman/Andy Buchanan/AFP / Getty Images/Adam Davy/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Sun/Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images / HBO/Photodisc/Lalouetto/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Vox/susandaniels/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Daily Express/Joel Robine/AFP / Getty Images/Rauluminate/david gillingwater/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Telegraph/zabelin/DavidCPhotography/ Flickr: jameswest / Creative Commons / Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Daily Mail/ Lefteris Pitarakis/WPA Pool / Getty Images/shironosov/luanateutzi/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Times/Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images/captblack76/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
BBC Sport/adidas via Getty Images/miroslavmisiura/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Guardian/Maurice McDonald/PA Images/gsagi/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Herald/David De Lossy/Vitalii Hulai/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
The Scotsman/Andrew Parsons/Conservative Party via Getty Images/shironosov/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed