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    The 18 Strangest Places The Face Of Jesus Has Appeared

    According to UK tabloids, at least. The Lord moves in really, really, really mysterious ways.

    1. In Ikea.

    2. On a baking tray.

    3. In a patch of damp.

    4. On the lid of a jar of Marmite.

    5. On a wall.

    6. On a drainpipe.

    7. In a Chinese takeaway.

    8. On a naan.

    9. On floorboards.

    10. On a car.

    11. In a sock.

    12. On a cider bottle.

    13. In a bruise.

    14. In a ham sandwich.

    15. On a chicken.

    16. In a flooring tile.

    17. On a t-shirt.

    18. ...And on Justin Bieber's leg.