The 18 Strangest Places The Face Of Jesus Has Appeared

According to UK tabloids, at least. The Lord moves in really, really, really mysterious ways.

1. In Ikea.

Winner: Best Jesus Face Headline Pun.

2. On a baking tray.

Runner-up: Best Jesus Face Headline Pun.

3. In a patch of damp.

Jesus looks sad about having been trapped behind a fridge.

4. On the lid of a jar of Marmite.

Marmite’s still horrible, though.

5. On a wall.

Relevance of sandwiches to appearance of Jesus unclear.

6. On a drainpipe.

Jesus has shaved off his trademark beard.

7. In a Chinese takeaway.

Jesus looks like a young John Peel waking up with a really bad hangover.

8. On a naan.

Jesus looks like Zombie Michael Jackson.

9. On floorboards.

Abstract Jesus.

10. On a car.

Um… look, you might have to put a bit more effort into this whole face-appearing business, Jesus.

11. In a sock.


12. On a cider bottle.

Guys, that’s barely even a face, never mind a miraculous face.

13. In a bruise.


14. In a ham sandwich.


15. On a chicken.

Maybe if you squint a bit, it might… nope. Still not seeing it.

16. In a flooring tile.

What? What? There is NO JESUS here. There’s not even a HINT of Jesus.

17. On a t-shirt.

To be clear: a man got a tattoo of Jesus’s face on his back, put a t-shirt on, and was then astonished when an image of Jesus’s face mysteriously appeared on it.

18. …And on Justin Bieber’s leg.

Yeah, okay. This one is definitely a miracle.

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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