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    Create Your Own Made-Up EU Scare Story

    Whether you're for Leave or Remain, here are today's terrifying, completely made-up predictions to help you make your case!

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    The EU Referendum debate so far has been filled with giant, terrifying, and confusing claims about what will happen if we leave or remain in Europe.

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    It's pretty hard to fact-check predictions about an unknown, unpredictable event, and some of the facts and figures being bandied about have started to feel a little...bullshitty. The claim that the UK sends £350 million a week to the EU – a figure that Boris Johnson went so far as to carve into steel – is actually pretty questionable, and the government's pro-Europe leaflet has its own misleading moments.

    Anyway, as long as everyone's just throwing numbers around, here are some terrifying, totally made-up predictions about Europe that both campaigns can use!

    Maybe you think we should vote to remain in the EU. But how can you convince your friends that it will be a disaster if we leave Europe? Tell them these lies!

    (Just hit the button over and over until you find one that's scary enough.)

    But what if you think the world will go to hell if we REMAIN in the EU? Here's some fun, terrifying, completely made-up predictions for you to use:

    Hooray, that'll make your friends crap their pants! Politics is fun.

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