How Hard Are You Avoiding Revision?

Are you putting the “pro” back in procrastination?

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  1. Check all the ones you've done recently:
    1. 1 Colour-coding your notes for no apparent reason.
    2. 2 Highlighting random phrases in your notes in colours that don’t correspond to anything.
    3. 3 Handwriting notes you’ve already typed up.
    4. 4 Typing up notes that you’ve already handwritten.
    5. 5 Re-reading every essay you’ve ever written.
    6. 6 Colour-coding your revision timetable.
    7. 7 Laminating your revision timetable.
    8. 8 Laminating your revision notes so you can stick them up in the shower.
    9. 9 Messaging your friends to ask how their revision’s going.
    10. 10 Repeatedly going for long coffee breaks with your friends so you can discuss “revision strategies”.
    11. 11 Helping colour-code other peoples notes.
    12. 12 Helping colour-code other people’s revision timetables.
    13. 13 Co-ordinating your friends’ colour-coded revision timetables with your own.
    14. 14 Sharpening all your pencils.
    15. 15 “Working” in the park.
    16. 16 “Working” in the student newspaper office.
    17. 17 “Working” in the student union bar.
    18. 18 “Working” from your kitchen table.
    19. 19 “Working” from bed.
    20. 20 Switching library every day to find “your” workspace.
    21. 21 Finding every rare and important book on your subject in the library and piling them up in a big tower on your table.
    22. 22 Not reading the big pile of rare and important books on the table next to you.
    23. 23 Quietly laughing at other people who now can’t find the rare and important books.
    24. 24 Playing the ‘how many library books can I balance on my head’ game.
    25. 25 Requesting meetings with your tutor to tell them that you haven’t been revising and ask them what they think you should do about that.
    26. 26 Writing a detailed second-by-second breakdown of the best bits in Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”.
    27. 27 Planning your post-exam party in great detail.
    28. 28 Planning all the days out you’re going to go on after your exams finish.
    29. 29 Plotting really long holidays based on song lyrics on Google Maps.
    30. 30 Drinking.
    31. 31 Going out drinking.
    32. 32 Staying in drinking.
    33. 33 Making revision into a drinking game.
    34. 34 Drinking, and trying to find the right balance of alcohol and diet coke for optimal efficiency.
    35. 35 Creating new and experimental “exotic” cocktails (vodka & Dr. Pepper, lager and advocaat, etc).
    36. 36 Organising your wardrobe.
    37. 37 Painting your nails.
    38. 38 Feng shui-ing your room.
    39. 39 Looking for a summer job in much greater detail than is necessary.
    40. 40 Househunting.
    41. 41 Creating a Tumblr of things to inspire you for your new house.
    42. 42 Creating a Tumblr reviewing crumpets.
    43. 43 Creating a Tumblr of pictures of people crying in libraries.
    44. 44 Discovering Pinterest.
    45. 45 Taking your Pinterest game to the next level.
    46. 46 Catching up on all seven series of The West Wing.
    47. 47 Watching Friends for the 11th time.
    48. 48 Watching an entire series of something you don’t even like just because.
    49. 49 Randomly scrolling through Netflix and watching literally anything.
    50. 50 Facebook stalking everyone who sat near you in the library.
    51. 51 Going through Facebook and deleting friends you no longer talk to.
    52. 52 Making a chart of how your Facebook use changed through the academic year.
    54. 54 Falling down all the Wikipedia rabbit holes.
    55. 55 Not even making it to the library before it closes even though it closes at 9pm and you live two minutes away.
    56. 56 Walking to the library instead of getting the bus even though it takes an hour.
    57. 57 Taking detours down interesting-looking streets.
    58. 58 Sneaking around random bits of your college that you’d heard about but never been to before.
    59. 59 Making elaborate packed lunches.
    60. 60 Baking.
    61. 61 Cooking a full meal.
    62. 62 Writing a letter to your parents.
    63. 63 Writing a letter to your grandparents.
    64. 64 Writing a letter to a complete stranger.
    65. 65 Having an afternoon nap.
    66. 66 Having an afternoon nap even though you only woke up at noon.
    67. 67 Drinking Red Bull.
    68. 68 Drinking all the soft drinks.
    69. 69 Making a small tower out of all the empty soft drink cans on your desk in the library.
    70. 70 Making a massive space rocket out of all the empty soft drink cans on your desk in the library.
    71. 71 Writing a formal letter of complaint about the library cleaners removing your space rocket overnight just before you completed it by adding the Command Module to the top.
    72. 72 Practising your acceptance speech for “most prepared exam-taker” in the mirror.
    73. 73 Doing this checklist.

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