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    19 People Who Haven't Quite Worked Doors Out Yet

    Apparently this is harder than it looks.

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    1. This man.

    2. This woman.

    3. This shoplifter.

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    4. This cop.

    5. This dog.

    6. Justin Bieber.

    7. Also Justin Bieber.

    8. To be fair, doors can be very confusing and scary.

    9. Sometimes doors are actually out to get you.

    10. Sometimes doors are not doors at all which is a sneaky trick.

    11. You need to work up the courage to tackle them.

    12. Or... not.

    13. Sometimes you have your mind on other things, like how you just lost lots of money at the casino.

    14. Or whether you're going to post that letter before the last collection.

    15. Sometimes doors are just too clean and see-through for their own good.

    16. But sometimes they have really obvious frosting on them which let's be honest should have tipped you off. That's an important lesson.

    17. And don't try to use doors where there wouldn't normally be any doors, for example under a swimming pool.

    18. Again, guys, look for the frosting.

    19. But the main lesson is: don't be this guy.

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