Justin Bieber Has A New Puppy

Hopefully Karma Bieber won’t share the same fate of the singer’s previous pets.

1. The singer took to Twitter to announce the newest addition to the Bieber clan:

Justin Bieber


Got a new pup

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2. The bulldog puppy was named by some diehard Beliebers after Justin’s dad started taking suggestions:

Jeremy Bieber


So were gona let one lucky #belieber name @justinbieber s new puppy…. Follow and find out how it can be you “)

/ Via

Jeremy Bieber


so we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber. Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it “.Karma”

/ Via

4. “Meet Karma Bieber #puppy”

5. Hopefully Karma won’t share the same fate as Justin’s former hamster, Pac, who died after he gave it away to a fan.

6. Or his pet monkey, OG Mally, who Biebs abandoned.

7. Or the snake that he auctioned off.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

8. Luckily, Justin’s cat, Tuts, appears to be doing well… at least according to the feline’s Twitter account.

9. Good luck, Karma!

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