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32 Reasons Minnesota Has The Greatest State Fair In The Country

Don't cha know it's the great Minnesota get together!

1. Farmer's daughters carved in butter

2. The Skyride

3. The giant slide

4. The gopher mascot

5. Cheese Curds

6. Space Tower

7. Deep fried everything

No seriously...

Flickr: myklroventine

Chicken fried bacon

Flickr: revrev



Flickr: carolinaterp

Mashed potatoes

8. The Haunted House

9. All you can drink milk

10. The Mighty Midway

11. Tom Thumb Donuts

And seeing how they're made.

12. Pronto Pups

Flickr: rhest09

This is not a corn dog!

13. Machinery Hill

14. Every kind of food you can imagine on a stick.

Flickr: linksmanjd

Pork chop on a stick

Flickr: piratejohnny

Deep fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on a stick

Flickr: stckboy

Bacon on a stick

Flickr: revrev

Scotch Egg on a Stick

Spaghetti and meatballs on a stick

Flickr: revrev

Fried veggies on a stick

Flickr: queen_of_subtle

Hot dish on a stick

15. Blue ribbon competitions for EVERYTHING!

16. Lumberjack challenges

17. Awards like these:

18. Sweet Martha's

19. Ye Old Mill

The most badass ride ever.

20. Visiting local radio booths to see what the personalities really look like.

KDWB's Dave Ryan!

21. The Butterfly House

22. The rodeo

23. Princess Kay of the Milky Way

Christine Reitsma was crowned the 59th Princess Kay in 2012 and will serve as a goodwill ambassador for the dairy industry and Minnesota's dairy farmers.

24. The Grand Stand

Flickr: mjsawyer

The home of the fairs many epic concerts, demolition derbies, beauty pageants, talent shows, horse races, and political stump speeches over the last hundred years.

25. The Miracle of Birth Center

Seriously, you can watch animals give birth.

26. Summit Beer on a stick!

27. "Blue Ribbon Baker" Marjorie Johnson

Fun fact: Marjorie often appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

28. The sling shot

Photo by Joel Sartore/

29. Getting be on the local news!

30. Visting Heritage Square

You doesn't want to take a trip down memory lane?

31. The animals

32. People watching

Yup, the Minnesota State Fair is the best.

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