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    • tomd18

      Actually, a bit over 10 years ago there was mass murder at a school in England and they ended up confiscating what guns the people were then allowed to have.  Violent crime has risen sharply, including oddly enough, gun related crimes. The only thing that has decreased is the level of security that the good people of England feel and the probability that they won’t be victims of crime.  To be fair, the rise in crime is not solely due to super-rigid gun control. Britain opened its borders back in the 80s and 90s to artificially create a multicultural “utopia” that the socialists dreamed would be a model for the world to follow…  As is stands now, crime is skyrocketing, jobs are becoming scarce, and the most popular name for newborn boys in England is “Mohammed”… Do the math.

    • tomd18

      benr11: The worst mass school murder in America killed 44, 38 of them children.. and no gun was used.  So tell us, what does that slaughter in Michigan have with the one in Connecticut? Guns?  No, they and the others we’ve witnessed were the acts of mentally ill monsters. Violent crime is down since the 1970s including crimes using guns. There are 200M plus guns in America and a handful of mentally ill monsters - which should we focus on?  No matter how you look at it if society would stop its idiotic focus on guns as the evil in theses mad plays and gather the guts to deal appropriately with people like Adam before they commit mass-murder or any other kind, then and only then will we stop most, perhaps all, of these truly senseless slaughters.

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