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18 Moments Everyone Who Played Videogames In The 1990s Will Remember

It was the golden age of computer games.

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1. Feeling like a total badass when you killed the Cyberdemon in Doom. / Via

Doom, when it came out, was surely the scariest game ever made. Until Doom 2 came out.

2. All of your little green-haired buddies dying in Lemmings.

Psygnosis / YouTube / Via

In their hundreds. You can't stop them. You still hear their squelchy little deaths in your dreams.

3. That time you killed Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D.

ID Software / YouTube / Via

Except Hitler was a half-robot thing with two chain guns on his arms.

4. Destroying the Death Star in X-Wing. / Via

If you made it that far. This was not an easy game.

5. Crushing the Rebel scum in TIE Fighter. / Via

Possibly – just possibly – the greatest flight sim ever made.

6. Straight-up murdering a bunch of Hare Krishnas for points and a punchline in the original Grand Theft Auto. / Via

Even back in 1997, GTA was a bit – you know – controversial.

7. The Xenon 2: Megablast soundtrack. / Via

And, of course, playing it on the invincibility cheat so you could listen to it for ages.

8. Nicking the ball and scoring in Sensible Soccer. / Via

Jurgen Klinsmann, still a legend.

9. Replacing Conroy Bumpus's favourite wig with an aubergine in Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Funniest computer game ever? (Or is that Day of the Tentacle?)

10. That time you got Benjamin Franklin electrocuted in Day of the Tentacle. / Via

The LucasArts point-and-click adventures in the 1990s were works of exquisite genius. I haven't even mentioned the Monkey Island games or Grim Fandango.

11. Humiliating your friends in Star Control 2 Melee mode.

Accolade / YouTube / Via

The epic single-player campaign was amazing as well, but there was nothing more satisfying than bringing down an Ur-Quan Dreadnought with your Shofixti Scout.

12. Flamethrowering some dudes in Syndicate.

Bullfrog made so many clever games. Syndicate was one of their best. Also, it was unbelievably brutal and violent.

13. Getting it just right with a cluster bomb in Worms.

Team 17 / YouTube / Via

Homing missiles were cheating.

14. Trapping someone with a bomb in Dyna Blaster.

Hudson Soft / YouTube / Via

You may know it as Super Bomberman, but those of us who played it on PC or Amiga will always remember it as Dyna Blaster.

15. Getting a "Cunning Stunt" bonus in Carmageddon. / Via

The original version where the blood was red and you were killing actual old grannies, obviously. Not the bowdlerised "zombie-killing" green-blood one; the one that upset the Daily Mail.

16. The cutscenes in the Wing Commander series.

Origin Systems / YouTube / Via

The actual games weren't quite up to TIE Fighter standards but they got the movie stuff just right. In Wing Commander III they even got Mark Hamill involved.

17. Defeating the Emperor in Dune 2.

Westwood Studios / YouTube / Via

Command & Conquer, Red Alert, and Warcraft may have been better games, in their way. But Dune 2 was the original. It was the genre-maker.

18. Unleashing the monster on your Sim City 2000 creation.

Maxis / YouTube / Via

You spend ages creating a beautiful city with arcologies and fusion power, then you level the whole thing with a giant space robot with pointy claws.