Ridiculous Indie Band Merchandising

The life of a critically acclaimed indie band is usually a poverty stricken one as the job essentially requires you to be poor as licensing songs to commercials or signing high level record contracts is frowned upon by their core fan-base. That said here are some bands that have decided to break the trend of being too cool for money and have tried to merchandise their band’s brand.

  • 1) Best Coast

    Best Coast is probably the indie band guiltiest of brand merchandising especially with the latest release of the stuffed animal below.

  • Snacks The Cat $14.99

    Snacks The Cat $14.99

    The perfect gift for your friend who loves Urban Outfitters

  • Best Coast With Snacks

    Best Coast With Snacks

    Note the 90s alien with weed bandana

  • Cat Coozie $4.99

    Cat Coozie $4.99

    Got to keep those drinks chilllllll

  • 2) Sleigh Bells

    In my opinion Sleigh Bells actually has the best merchandise in this list.

  • Bells Jersey $65

    Bells Jersey $65

    Love Michael Jordan related things so much...

  • Definitely not worth $65 though

    Definitely not worth $65 though

  • 3) Panda Bear

    Panda Bear has long associated his music with skate culture and now the two have become even more inter-twined.

  • Tomboy Skateboard $54

    Tomboy Skateboard $54

    I feel as if you might get laughed at for skating on this but it's still fairly cool.

  • 4) Toro y Moi

    Toro y Moi has often said in interviews that he is just as in to design work as he is being a musician. Here is an example of his design work put to merchandise.

  • Tote bag Sold Out

    Tote bag Sold Out

    Alright but nothing can ever match the classic NPR tote.

  • 5) Wavves

    Wavves, who you may know is the boyfriend of Best Coast, is the second biggest merchandising criminal.

  • Rolling Papers (Not available online)

    Rolling Papers (Not available online)


  • Weed Grinders (Not available online)

    Weed Grinders (Not available online)


  • Baseball Cap Sold Out

    Baseball Cap Sold Out

    Try to wear this without feeling ridiculous.

  • Weed leaf because of course.

    Weed leaf because of course.

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