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25 Reasons Your Childhood Self Hates You

You have failed your childhood self. The kid who hated "grownup things" has died. See how many of these apply to your adult life and find out if you could look your kindergarten self in the eyes today.

1. You like going to bed early

2. You could buy the best Nerf Gun on the market right now and you don't

3. You enjoy a day at the museum

4. You have made no effort to go to Disney World

5. You can't remember the last time you played any version of tag

6. You are getting out of shape

7. You have spent money on a tie and dress shoes

8. You go through the check out line and don't buy candy

9. You eat your vegetables and you like it

You eat your vegetables and you like it

10. You listen to NPR

11. You haven't talked to your grade school BFF in years

12. You don't have a hit single and you aren't touring the world in luxury

13. You spend most of your free time with a boyfriend/girlfriend

14. You smoke everyday

15. You lie

16. You know how to buy Popsicles and that they are extremely cheap and yet you don't

17. You can stay out all night every night but choose not to

18. You didn't make sure there was a basketball court and a video game room when choosing a place to live

19. You haven't played video games long into the night for quite some time

20. You like coffee and drink it every day

21. You are not the President, a professional athlete, or the King of the World

22. T

juste un petit dessin pour montrer mon soutien πŸ’™πŸ’­β€οΈ #Nice #prayfornice

23. You can find enjoyment from classical music

24. You are an atheist

25. You have ordered salad off a menu for dinner

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