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15 Places You Can No Longer Go As An Adult

Unfortunately as you get older, a substantial part of the world you loved as a kid starts to become off-limits. You can no longer attempt the epic struggle to get 1000 tickets at Chuck E. Cheese's, you can no longer play video games while you get your hair cut, and you can certainly no longer awkwardly but awesomely dance the night away with equally awkward classmates as attending a school dance as an adult is probably an offense that can get you arrested. Here is a list of places that will make you sad that you can no longer go without a kid of your own. Make sure to add any places you come up with yourself in the comments.

  • 1. Chuck E. Cheese

    Chuck E. Cheese

  • 2. The Tunnel In Playgrounds

    The Tunnel In Playgrounds

  • 3. Easter Egg Hunts

    Easter Egg Hunts

  • 4. Storybook Readings

    Storybook Readings

  • 5. Summer Camp

    Summer Camp

  • 6. The Children's Museum

    The Children's Museum

  • 7. Ball Pits

    Ball Pits

    Exception  -You can (and should) easily buy your own ballpit for your house or office. You just can't go to the public ones any more.

  • 8. Petting Zoo

    Petting Zoo

  • 9. Santa's Lap

    Santa's Lap

    -You might think that it's "funny" if you go when you're older and post a picture of yourself on Santa's lap on Reddit or your Christmas cards but that joke is really played out and only makes the mall Santa's job even more annoying than it already is so please don't do this. Ever.

  • 10. School Dances

    School Dances

  • 11. The Neighbors' Doorsteps On Halloween

    The Neighbors' Doorsteps On Halloween

    Exception  -If you wear the right mask and aren't too tall you can probably get away with Trick or Treating.

  • 12. Quarter Rides Outside Stores

    Quarter Rides Outside Stores

  • 13. Cool Cuts

    Cool Cuts

  • 14. McDonald's Playplace

    McDonald's Playplace

  • 15. Build-A-Bear Workshop

    Build-A-Bear Workshop

    -You might still think this is alright if the bear you are "building" is for a boyfriend/girlfriend but when you try to explain to your lover that you spent the day in Build-A-Bear workshop they might find it hard to still take you seriously. They'd probably bearly find you attractive after that.