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10 Things That Originally Had Ridiculous Names

In high school, I remember kids would sometimes drink Brad's Drink while watching the school band practice their sackbuts on the ChemGrass. Did that not make sense? Well it could have if it weren't for a few name changes in history.

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  • 1) Camelopards

    1) Camelopards

  • 2) Sackbut

    2) Sackbut

  • 3) Brad's Drink

    3) Brad's Drink

  • 4) Gay-Related Immune Deficiency

    4) Gay-Related Immune Deficiency

  • 5) Raving Bonkers

    5) Raving Bonkers

  • 6) Buffy

    6) Buffy

  • 7) Batmania

    7) Batmania

  • 8) Baby Gays

    8) Baby Gays

  • 9) David And Jerry's Guide To The World Wide Web

    9) David And Jerry's Guide To The World Wide Web

  • 10) ChemGrass

    10) ChemGrass

  • Bonus) Columbia

    Bonus) Columbia

    Washington State was originally going to be named Columbia but people feared that would be confused with the District of Columbia. Glad that confusion crisis was averted!

  • Bonus) Snoo

    Bonus) Snoo

    As in "what's snoo?" instead of now I've "reddit"