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Mar 2017
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    g_nt commented on Has Your Pet Ever Ruined ~The Mood~ Before?

    We were having sex on the couch, and my pup jumped up without either of us noticing. All of the sudden my bf SCREAMED, like a high-pitched scream. He jumped up off the couch, yelling “oh my god oh my god, the dog just licked my asshole. The dog LICKED my ASSHOLE.” I had to console… 

    1 year ago

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    g_nt commented on Tell Us About Your Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Encounter

    I used to swim, and I was at a small invitational where Michael Phelps was there, just back from retirement after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Our coach instructed us specifically NOT to bother him (we were all competing, and it’s not cool to do that). On the last day of the swim meet,… 

    2 years ago

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    g_nt commented on Share With Us Your Terrible First Kiss Stories

    I was watching tv at this boy's house who I obviously had a crush on. I really wanted to kiss him and knew he wanted to kiss me, but I was really nervous because I'd never kissed anyone before. After a few hours of awkward sexual tension, my mom texted me saying she was outside. We… 

    3 years ago

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