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    • tnthomas733

      or you never sleep and have conversations in the middle of the night because that window of time when you can talk is a lot bigger at night when theres nothing. Of course, over there its like evening or sommat so they’re making a lot more sense than you are, and then you go down into thii2 deep jealou2y 2piiral2, and then 2top talkiing two them, and then get really drunk co2 you have nothiing better two do, and that2 when you call them iin the miiddle of that iimportant work thiing where maybe he get2 promoted, and then you call hiim twiice more and he doe2n’t get the promotiion, and then he2 angry at you and doe2 the 2ame thiing but iit2 not really much payback co2 when he call2 you drunk, you’re ju2t eatiing wheatiie2, and nothiing cruciial ii2 goiing down, and then… ahem… nevermind all that… Dinosaurs are rad…?

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