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This 10 Year Old's Christmas List Will Make You Feel Uncultured

I don't want War and Peace for Christmas at age 24, let alone at age 10.

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Adam's Christmas list to Santa makes me feel bad for asking for another Ikea giftcard.

The letter to Santa reads:

Adam's List for Santa 2013

Dear Santa, Here are the Items I would like this year. My behavior has been fairly decent, and my requests are..

1. Authentic Japanese Yukata.

2. Senbei (Japanese rice crackers).

3. Architectural house planer.

4. Pocketknife (for necessary survival, if needed).

5. Stocks/Stock portfolio that I control.

6. Personal piece of technology (Kindle, iPad, Laptop, etc.).

7. Masala cooking lessons (authentic/al dente, etc...).

8. Diary of a Wimpy kid 8 "Hard Luck." (Jeff Kinney).

9. War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy).

10. Trip to Armenia.

Please acknowledge the sentences in parentheses, because they will help you know what I mean by a certain item, or an adjective describing the item.

I do know I have had ups and downs, but I promise to have good behavior, and 2013 will be a spectacular decadal anniversary finale.

Thank you for your concern,


(My best penmanship)

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