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    This Gay Couple's "Doctor Who" Wedding And Honeymoon Are Amazing

    In August we were delighted to share this Dallas couple's Doctor Who themed engagement photos. Since then, they married and spent the perfect honeymoon in the UK (partly aboard the TARDIS)!

    You may remember this couple...

    Shaun Menary Photography

    TJ & Timmy Mundell-Patterson

    Their Doctor Who themed engagement photos went viral in August throughout the fandom, even reaching BBC studios and Steven Moffat himself!

    Shaun Menary Photography


    Well, this past November, they finally tied the knot!

    Shaun Menary Photography

    With a little help from some friends, of course...

    Shaun Menary Photography
    Shaun Menary Photography
    Shaun Menary Photography

    The wedding took place at Hakone Japanese Gardens in Saratoga, California.

    Shaun Menary Photography

    Their honeymoon was full of unforgettable Timey-Wimey Doctor Who moments...

    They were welcomed aboard the TARDIS at BBC Studios in Cardiff

    And they visited several archived console rooms.

    Ninth & Tenth Doctor's console room

    The original TARDIS Console unit

    They searched for The Pandorica...

    ... Spoilers...

    They wore Van Gough's hat from the episode "Vincent and The Doctor."

    And they even visited Torchwood!

    So here's to many more centuries through time & space...

    Shaun Menary Photography

    And for old time's sake...

    Shaun Menary Photography

    You're always here to me. And I always listen.....And I can always see you...

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