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    A Gay Couple From Texas Made "Doctor Who" Engagement Photos And They're Wonderful

    TJ Mundell and Timmy Patterson, a couple in Dallas, took their engagement photos to a whole new universe. Is it vain for The Doctor to marry himself?

    They had a TARDIS custom built specifically for their engagement photos.

    Shaun Menary Photography / Via

    Wedding Photographers Shaun and Shannon Menary, of Shaun Menary Photography, were assimilated into Whovians by TJ and Timmy.

    They used an empty warehouse in Deep Ellum as their setting.

    Shaun Menary Photography

    It was about 90 degrees in the warehouse, with power running from an extension cord from the building next door...with permission of course.

    Who needs Rose Tyler?

    Shaun Menary Photography

    Gay marriage is still illegal in Texas, but that doesn't apply to Time Lords.

    TJ (Tenth Doctor) and Timmy (Ninth Doctor) own a day spa together in Dallas.

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "Between running a business together, living together, and traveling through time and space together... an unhealthy obsession with a TV show is what keeps some sliver of sanity in our lives!"

    The wedding is on November 8th.

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "He proposed while we were hiking on a mountain in Japan last November. We were surrounded by monkeys and were almost killed by a giant Japanese wasp." TJ said. (Giant Wasp, you say?!)

    "We couldn't just take 'normal people' engagement photos... We aren't normal people!"

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "With the upcoming Series 8 premier, the timing couldn't be better to have these photos released! Shaun and Shannon did a FANTASTIC job!"

    "We wanted to bring the Whovian fandom and the LGBT community together."

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "...And we think we did a tasteful job!"

    "You and me... time and space..."

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "You watch us run..."

    "You're always here to me. And I always listen."

    Shaun Menary Photography

    "And I can always see you."

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