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23 More Incredibly Close Calls

Just breathe. (Previously.)

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1. This guy who is switching all his shoes to velcro

2. This daredevil who got over his fear of heights only to be replaced by crocodiles

3. This cop will now write a speeding ticket because he got a really good look at the license plate. Like really, spectacularly good look.


4. When there are low gas prices, trucks will do anything to get there first


5. This pedestrian chose the right day to wear his track suit


6. When you view a race, you don't think you will actually be in one / Via The Chive

7. Dodge backwards car? Check. Keep on hat? Double check.

8. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

9. This businessman went from jogging to work to running for his life

Via 4gifs/smosh

10. Technically the car didn't enter the crosswalk but the backdoor definitely broke the plane.

11. It looks like he needed new glasses anyways

12. "Now let's try this with the 'other guys' brake pads"-Tommy Boy

13. James Bond's stunt double does not get paid enough. And he did this over and over again to get the right shot

14. There is nothing that important across the street. I promise.

15. Yes. You should look both ways when crossing ski jumps too

16. That trashcan looked really interesting until...

17. Should the cyclist be in the middle of the crosswalk? No. Does that give this truck the right to dramatically destroy it? Maybe.

18. This is how I felt trying avoid to Red Wedding spoilers

19. Frogger Level: Expert / Via The Chive

20. There are probably worse things to get hit with but still...

21. The absolute worst place to brake-check someone

22. Excellent steering with the hands but shouldn't he try braking with the feet?

23. Congrats! You made it through this whole post! Barely...

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